Racing Horses run for Hong Kong’s charity and heritage

Sha Tin Race Course International Races 13 Dec 2015

Horses run for Hong Kong’s charity and heritage, not just for gambling! Hong Kong racing horses run for the city’s charity activities and heritage conservation. Races are not just for gambling!   When many profit-making jockey clubs in the West are trying the best to survive, the Hong Kong Jockey Club earns a lot through…

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Jockey Club still busy because of mark six lottery

Mark Six Lottery Jackpot Poster

Mark Six Lottery Jackpot keeps the Jockey Club Betting Centers Busy! Although the racing season just ends, the off course betting centers of the Hong Kong Jockey Club are still busy. People flock to buy the Mark Six Lottery tickets today! If only YOU win this summer jackpot, YOU can get about 80 million Hong…

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