Hong Kong racing horses have a better living environment than common citizens

Racing horses get a better living environment than Hong Kong common citizens

Hong Kong Jockey Club offers the racing horses a good living environment, which is far better than the common citizens’ poor living condition.

The good living condition is not the special right for the champion horses. It is for every horse!

Sha Tin Race Course International Races 2015 the winning horse

One winner of the Hong Kong International Race in 2015 (photo of Alex Chung)


Air-conditioned stable vs hot steamed cage 

Air-conditioner is very important in the very hot and humid summer time in Hong Kong.

The Jockey Club understands that the horses, which about 70% comes from Australia/New Zealand, about 25% comes from Europe and about 5% comes from other Western countries, cannot adapt the sub-tropical climate of the new home.

So it offers the stable with AC for the horses.

News article shows you how hot the sub-divided cubicle in summer (screen shot from Hong Kong Standrard)

The sub-divided cubicle can be very hot especially in the summer time.


Actually a lot of poor commoners in Hong Kong want to use more AC but worry about the resulting higher electricity fee. So they mainly rely on the fans in their ‘hot steamed cage’!

Private apartment  vs the sub-divided cubicle

Jockey Club offers each horse a air-conditioned and big enough private apartment (room) in the stable. They are no need to share anything.

Horse stable cliparts

Each horse gets a private room in the stable.


It is common in Hong Kong for the 4-people families to live in the small 40-50 square meter apartment.

An independent apartment can be a luxury for many Hong Kong citizens.

Many poor families even live in one rented sub-divided room, which just has about 10-20 square meter, of the apartment only!

Sub-divided cubicle in Hong Kong(screen shot from SCMP)

Sub-divided cubicle in Hong Kong(screen shot from SCMP)


About 200,000 people are living in these sub-divided cubicles!

Another 20,000 people are even living in the illegal sub-divided cubicles in the factory buildings!

Private swimming pool vs public swimming pool

The Jockey Club offers the swimming pool for the racing horses.

Swimming is actually a treatment for horses’ nervousness, fatigue and leg injury.

The mafoos (horses carers) help the horses to go swimming (screen shot from Hong Kong Year Book Website)

The mafoos (horses carers) help the horses to go swimming (screen shot from Hong Kong Year Book Website)


When the poor citizens feel very hot in the cubicles with the ACs, which are off, they can only go to the busy public swimming pool as their entertainment!

This is Hong Kong!

The East meets West! The old meets new! The poor live beside Rich ad their horses!

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