Hong Kong summertime weather impacts on travelers

Impacts of Hong Kong summertime weather on travelers

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate.

So Hong Kong has a hot and wet summertime weather.

Summer is also the rainy season and typhoon season of Hong Kong.

This post shows YOU the impacts of Hong Kong summertime weather on travelers.

Hot and humid weather – sticky condition and heat stroke prevention

Hong Kong has a long hot and humid summertime from May to September.

The summertime temperature is always high, i.e. 30-35 degrees Celsius or 86-95 Fahrenheit.


Summertime weather of Hong Kong is very hot because of the cool Mr Sun!


The relative humidity is also always very high, mostly 80% or higher.

So the hot and wet Hong Kong is different from other hot and dry places.

The high heat and especially the high relative humidity make travelers feel sticky and sweaty!

Due to global warming, actually the number of very hot days is ever-increasing.

The Hong Kong Observatory issues more Very Hot Weather Warnings to remind people, especially seniors or persons with chronic illnesses, to stay indoor, drink more water, wear loose clothes etc. to prevent heat stroke.

The hot and wet weather makes walking all day to go sightseeing, go dining, find public transportation etc by yourself or during the BMW tour (bus, metro, walking tour) to be an ordeal in the summertime in Hong Kong!

So for offering travelers the easy and enjoyable private tour experience, we just offer clients the private car tour.

The air-conditioned car can bring travelers to the sightseeing points easily.

After sightseeing, travelers can recoup the energy in the cool car.

Victoria Harbour view from the Victoria Peak June 2017

Ironically, travelers can see the best view of Hong Kong on the hot, humid and sunny day. YOU may have a private car tour to go sightseeing to get the easy and enjoyable experience!


But we are unable to help the travelers and just need to cancel the private tour under the heavy rainfall and strong typhoon, which make summer to be the low season of inbound tourism.   

Heavy rainfall – Go sightseeing indoor and keep away from slopes

Hong Kong’s total annual rainfall can be up to 2000 – 3000 millimeters.

Summer, i.e. May to September, is the rainy season.

So the Observatory often issues the thunder storm warning.

Especially in May and June, torrential rain is common.

Heavy rain fall in the summertime of Hong Kong

Heavy rain fall in the summertime of Hong Kong


The Observatory has the Amber, Red and Black Rainstorm Warning System to remind the people and travelers.

When there is the Black Rainstorm Warning, for YOUR safety, please stay indoor.

Rainfall may make outdoor sightseeing difficult.

But YOU may still go to the indoor museums or the shopping malls.

In Hong Kong, 60% of land is the hillside and there are 60,000 man-made slopes.

So it is safe to keep away from the landslide and flooding hazards, slopes, rivers and country side.   

Strong typhoon – suffocation, devastating wind and rain

Typhoon, i.e. tropical cyclone, brings a lot of rainfall to Hong Kong.

Typhoon season of Hong Kong is May to November.

A lot of strong typhoons affect Hong Kong especially in August and September.

Under the influence of the outer subsiding air mass of the tropical cyclones, Hong Kong can become extremely hot and hazy when the tropical cyclones are approaching the South China.

For example, when the Severe Typhoon Hato is approaching Hong Kong, the maximum temperature at the Hong Kong Observatory that afternoon soared to an all-time record-breaking high of 36.6 degrees.

Tropical cyclone brings thick haze to Hong Kong

Tropical cyclone brings thick haze to Hong Kong


The high heat and poor air quality make travelers feel the suffocation in the city center and country side.

Actually when travelers go sightseeing, travelers may not see too much as the thick haze blankets the beautiful view!

The haze causes poor air quality and low visibility

The haze causes poor air quality and low visibility


Later if the typhoons get closer to Hong Kong or make a direct hit, of course, they bring devastating wind and rainfall to the city.


If the typhoons hit other cities nearby, Hong Kong still has bad weather for a few days (There is a Chinese old saying: Typhoon brings three days of rain even it doesn’t hit directly!).

Tree is uprooted by the wind of Severe Typhoon Hato

Tree is uprooted by the wind of Severe Typhoon Hato


Devastating wind of Severe Typhoon Hato causes damages in Hong Kong

A lot of trees are damaged by the devastating wind of Typhoon Hato


Hong Kong Observatory has an effective Tropical Cyclone Warning System to remind the citizens and travelers.

For further questions about the weather of Hong Kong or for private car tour planning, please feel free to contact Frank the tour guide.


Hong Kong summertime weather impacts on travelers
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Hong Kong summertime weather impacts on travelers
Impacts of Hong Kong summertime weather on travelers
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