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Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour

Apart from the markets, YOU can visit Hong Kong’s cultural attractions during the Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour.

YOU can visit the hidden gems of Kowloon, Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery, to learn the Chinese culture.

YOU can see the interesting local religious activities at the Wong Tai Sin Temple.

YOU can see the history of Kowloon by visiting the Kowloon Walled City Park.

Between different ‘Chinese Culture Courses’, YOU can choose to enjoy the included local dim sum tea break or Hong Kong style tea break.

The tour is very suitable to be the cruise passengers’ private shore excursion.

Just book the Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour to tour Kowloon with YOUR Hong Kong private tour guide, Frank Law!

Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour program

-4-hour Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour starts at 0830 or 1400, we can pick YOU up at YOUR hotel or cruise terminal

-To Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, appreciate traditional Chinese gardening, landscaping and traditional but NEW Chinese architecture

-To Wong Tai Sin Temple, learn the famous and popular local belief and interesting lucky stick fortune telling

-YOU enjoy the included local tea break: traditional dim sum tea break or Hong Kong style tea break at local restaurant

YOU may choose. . .

Option 1:

-to go to Kowloon Walled City Park, learn history of the old fortress, famous squatter area & nice garden


Option 2:

-to go to Kowloon’s markets: Bird Market, Flower Market, Jade Market, Ladies Market(afternoon only), Fa Yuen Street Market, Kowloon City wet market, Ap Liu Street Market etc.

If time & situation allow. . .

-Photo taking point at Hung Hom Whampoa Garden (with a SHIP-LIKE building, AEON Department Store, see Whampoa Dockyard’s history)

-Tour ends at the pick up point or at the market in Kowloon

Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour booking process

Booking step one: check Frank’s availability

  • Frank is available for the whole day on the days with no booking.
  • Frank is only available in the morning or afternoon or evening on the days with bookings.

  • When YOU find that Frank is available on the day, which you want to have YOUR private tour, please fill in the booking form.
  • If YOU have further questions for Frank’s availability, please message Frank for help.

Booking step two: fill in booking form

Booking step three: pay through PayPal

TOUR PRICE:  (duration 4 hours)

The tour price includes:

  • Frank Law as YOUR Hong Kong private tour guide (English / Mandarin / Cantonese speaking)
  • Air-conditioned 8-seater car with driver
  • A local dim sum tea break or Hong Kong style tea break

This tour (up to 6 people) has a BASE cost (295USD) plus a PER PERSON cost (8USD) for one activity…

  1. A local dim sum tea break or Hong Kong style tea break

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Frank Law: He's GREAT!

My wife and I had four tours with Frank Law: two 4 hour tours (Kowloon and the New Territories) and two 8 hour tours (Lantau Island and Macau). Being a Hong Kong native himself, Frank knew all the tricks of getting around the city. For instance, he arranged for us to visit Big Buddha by taking a special taxi up the BACK side of Lantau Island through the area forbidden to tour buses. We got there right when it opened BEFORE all the other tourists arrived. When we were finished, we went DOWN the gondola on the front side of the island that the other tourists were using to come UP. We saw the really long lines that we avoided by using Frank as our guide. He also knew when to go to the many other sites we visited to avoid the crowds and traffic problems. We really appreciated his insider-knowledge about these things - he made our visit to the Hong Kong area much more efficient.
Frank’s knowledge of Hong Kong AND Macau was extensive. His command of English is excellent and we had zero problem understanding each other. The drivers he selected for the days we used a car were great too. We highly recommend Frank Law as a guide for your time in Hong Kong and Macau!

Thank you Scott! Kowloon cultural Highlights private car tour makes travelers visit to the Chinese cultural and historic elements in Kowloon, Nan Lian Garden, Chi Lin Nunnery, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Kowloon Walled City Park, easily, enjoyably and efficiently. The local style tea break of course is the highlight of the private tour too.

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