Typhoon Hato is approaching Hong Kong

Hato typhoon approaches Hong Kong

Typhoon Hato, which is a Japanese name and means “Sky Pigeon”, moves quickly, gets stronger and approaches Hong Kong!

Typhoon Hato

Typhoon Hato is approaching Hong Kong (screen shot from Hong Kong Observatory)


Hato will get very close to Hong Kong in the morning of the 23 August 2017!

The Hong Kong Observatory is going to issue the No 8 Gale or Storm Signal!

YOU may browse the latest tropical cyclone warning of Hong Kong Observatory.

Stay indoor due to very bad weather

Typhoon Hato approaches Hong Kong from the east, so the high mountains in Hong Kong cannot block its strong wind.

Weather is going to be very bad, with strong wind and heavy rainfall.

For YOUR safety, travelers, please stay indoor!

Before going to the airport, please check flight

If YOU need to take the flight at the Hong Kong Airport tomorrow, please check the flight and confirm the seat before going to the airport!

For further information, please browse the website of Hong Kong Airport.

Typhoon Hato is approaching Hong Kong
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Typhoon Hato is approaching Hong Kong
Tropical Cyclone Hato hits Hong Kong
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