5 solutions for showing your emotion under a mask

Showing emotion under the mask is the common difficulty under the new normal of Covid-19

Under the new normal after Covid-19 outbreak, it is not easy to show our emotion under the thin face mask.

globe covered by white face mask

The world is wearing mask. Photo by Anna Shvets.


For a private tour guide, showing a professional smile to clients all the time is extremely important.

So Frank the tour guide reads the post of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to find out the 5 ways to show emotion under the face mask.

Frank shares the post here and comments on the 5 solutions.

Frank is now ready to show his professional smile under the mask during his private car tour service.

Frank the tour guide with mask and fisherman hat smiling

Frank the tour guide smiles professionally under the Hong Kong Government reusable mask. Can you see or feel that?


Just wait for travelers to come to Hong Kong after Covid-19!

5 ways to show emotion when wearing a mask

(1)Name your emotions (Frank’s comment: This is the most important back-to-basics solution. What do you feel? You name it by your voice. I feel hot. Then Frank the tour guide turns up the AC in the car for you. I feel happy. Then Frank knows he has done a good job!)

cartoon, passengers sitting, using i-pad, standing all wearing masks

Smile and wear mask


(2)Use body language (Frank’s comment: Some experts told people to avoid too much hand gesture during conversation in the past. Under the new normal and mask era, we should have more hand gestures, thumbs up, virtual hugs etc., to support what we say under the mask)

(3)Use untapped resources (Frank’s comment: Under the mask era, body parts, which people can see clearly, shoulders, eyebrows etc., become very useful during conversation. Also something we may not want to have so early in life, e.g smile line wrinkles, can show we are smiling to others.)

people taking lift all wearing masks

Wear mask and smile!


(4)Smile under your mask (Frank’s comment: Keep smiling can help you to keep a positive mind. Actually if people see the raise of our cheeks and a little lift below our eyes plus our laughter, others know we are smiling. We may also use the reusable masks with a smile already printed on the surface to make everyone happy!)

Frank the tour guide wears mask with a green smiling emoji

Smile can keep your positive mind.


(5)Focus on articulation (Frank’s comment: It is not enough to just give voice to our sentiments. People may misunderstand as they cannot see our lips. We need to speak very clearly and articulate what we want and feel.)

You may browse the original post of AARP for more details.

Frank the tour guide is ready to show clients his professional smile under the mask during private car tour

Hong Kong citizens also worn mask during the SARS outbreak in 2003.

So we have a lot of experience about mask wearing and have adapted to the new normal under Covid-19.

Frank the tour guide is ready to show his professional smile under the mask during his private car tour service.

Just wait for your return to Hong Kong after Covid-19!

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5 solutions for showing your emotion under a mask
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