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Frank the tour guide’s solutions to keep the private car for tour clean

Black Toyota brand mini van

Frank the tour guide shares the dirtiest parts of the car and solutions to keep cleanliness of private car for tour According to the post of Travel + Leisure, the spots with most germs in the private car are driver’s side floor mats, the trunk of the car, front seat cup holder and dashboard air vent. The private car’s cleanliness…

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The same typhoon pain point for sparrows and travelers in September in Hong Kong

Sparrows are taking rest at the top of the road sign

Typhoon is the common pain point for travelers and sparrows in September in Hong Kong There was a survey to count the number of sparrows in Hong Kong.   The figure of 2020 is 260,000. Although the number of sparrows remains stable in the last few years, sparrows always face one challenge in September, i.e….

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Frank the tour guide shows you skyscrapers in Central by his video and private car tour

Photo shows the main compnies in Hong Kong. From left to right, New Bank of China, Cheung Kong Center, Old Bank of China, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank

Without private car tour amid Covid-19, Frank shows you skyscrapers of Central Hong Kong by a virtual tour Frank the tour guide shows you the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Central area, the center of international financial center, in his short video. Apart from their grand appearance, Central’s tall buildings show you Hong Kong’s yesterday, today…

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Frank’s comments on cruises just allow cruise line shore excursion NOW

tour group at heritage, Frank with clients, tour group waiting bus

Frank supports cruise lines’ unsurprising shore excursion measure now Recently different cruise companies have announced they just allow the cruise line shore excursion temporarily. They say NO to independent private shore excursion service organized by other travel agents or the private tour guide, like Frank, until further notice.   Frank the tour guide supports this…

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See cute pandas to get happiness and learn life wisdom during and after pandemic

Photo collage for Macau pandas

Cute pandas help people to get happiness and learn life wisdom amid and after pandemic A lot of people are unhappy amid the pandemic. The cute pandas can allay people’s depression by their funny appearance and gestures.   People can also learn from pandas’ simple life wisdom to become easier and happier. Now people can…

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Just 7 seconds, you know why Huawei is sanctioned and it is easy to take good travel photos in Hong Kong

Huawei P40 camera zooming power is high

A 7 seconds video shows you why Huawei is sanctioned and why taking travel photos in Hong Kong is easy Huawei’s 7 seconds video posted at its FaceBook Page shows why Huawei is sanctioned. The video shows the zooming power of P40’s camera. It also shows it is easy to take good travel photos by…

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Cruisers may request own dining table on Royal Caribbean cruise and book Frank’s private car shore excursion to get sense of superiority

Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas

Request for your own dining table on Royal Caribbean Cruise and book Frank’s private car shore excursion in Hong Kong A lot of people love cruising. But a lot of cruisers don’t like the crowds on the ships in the restaurants and at sightseeing points during shore excursions. They do want to have a private dining…

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Different solutions for sleeping cat’s and travelers’ pain point in hot summer of Hong Kong

Sleeping cat in old shop in Hong Kong

Sleeping cat’s and travelers’ same pain point and different solutions in hot summer in Hong Kong The cute sleeping cat and happy travelers actually face the same pain point in summer in Hong Kong. Cat and travelers face the same hot weather, high relative humidity and burning sun from May to September. Cat’s clever and…

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7 possible changes flight passengers should prepare after Covid-19 pandemic

See Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai Bridge, sunset and flight takes off during Tai O to Tung Chung Ferry ride

Flight passengers should prepare for the 7 possible changes Most international flights are cancelled during the Covid-19 outbreak. People wonder what possible changes they will experience when flight service resumes. Frank the tour guide reads Aviation Voice’s post to share its 7 possible changes for airport, flying and exit and entry happen after Covid-19 pandemic.  …

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