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Let’s TIY, tour the Hung Hom to Central ferry ride yourself

Travelers may take Hung Hom to Central ferry to sail across the Victoria Harbor  Taking a local ferry ride is always a good way to TIY, tour Hong Kong yourself. The Hung Hom to Central ferry, which just resumed in June 2020 mainly for the commuters, is a good choice to TIY, especially for the…

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Hong Kong Observatory’s useful weather photos show travelers the beautiful Hong Kong

Enlarged high resolution weather photo from the Victoria Peak.

See beautiful Hong Kong through the weather photos of Hong Kong Observatory Although travelers cannot come to Hong Kong easily due to the pandemic, travelers can still enjoy the nice view of Hong Kong through the high resolution weather photos of Hong Kong Observatory (Please bookmark the web page for weather photos).   The high resolution weather…

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Hong Kong will have a cold and dry winter in 2020 due to La Niña and stronger-than-normal northeast monsoon

Tsim Sha Tsui, tunnel, roads, carsbuildings, sunset

Due to La Niña and stronger-than-normal northeast monsoon, Hong Kong will be cold and dry in 2020’s winter Tomorrow is 1 Dec 2020. Hong Kong’s wintertime has come.   According to the Hong Kong Observatory’s forecast, the sea water temperature around Hong Kong is getting lower and the situation will continue for the coming few…

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BIG NEWS! Travelers can see the precious Beijing Palace Museum’s national treasures and Hong Kong’s nice Victoria Harbor view in one building in 2022…

See Chinese national treasures and Victoria Harbor view at Palace Museum Hong Kong Branch in 2022

Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version at West Kowloon waterfront will be ready in 2022 A grand Chinese cultural attraction, Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version, is coming. The construction for the first branch of Chinese Beijing Palace Museum was just completed at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon waterfront. It will be opened to the public…

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Don’t miss the details of Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery Main Hall

Travelers should not miss Po Lin Monastery’s details When travelers talk about Lantau Island, they mostly mention the Big Buddha and the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride. Actually Po Lin Monastery is more important than the Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping Cable Car because this historic temple is the builder of the Big Buddha….

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Let’s learn Chinese character “休” for rest and see how relaxed Frank the tour guide’s private car tour is

Photo shows you the meaning of Chinese character for rest, a man leans against to a tree to take a rest

The origin of Chinese character “休” (rest) shows Frank the tour guide’s private car tour is very relaxed “休” for rest is a simple Chinese character with a straight forward meaning.   Character “休” pronounces as “jau1″ in Cantonese and “xiū” in Mandarin. The character “休” shows that a man (on the left) leans against…

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The postponement of Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble shows the arrangement is effective

Travel bubble may become the Christmas gift for the Hong Kong and Singapore travelers in 2020.

Effective Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble postpones by fortnight Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble, which was due to launch on Sunday (22 Nov 2020), postpones by two weeks. This is not due to Santa Claus is still making the bubble! (Video shows you the Christmas decoration at Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong.) The reason is…

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The construction of HSBC Main Building, which has two prevalent tales, was finished on 18 Nov 1985…

HSBC Main Building

Skyscraper HSBC Main Building, which has two prevalent tales, was finished on 18 Nov 1985 The construction of HSBC Main Building at No 1 Queen’s Road Central was finished on 18 Nov 1985.   Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) spent about 5 billion to build its new headquarters. This once dearest skyscraper in the…

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Is this banner the propaganda for Cantonese opera show?

The handsome protagonist

No, it is the anti-telecom fraud propaganda for senior citizens… This is Hong Kong Police’s new anti-telecom fraud propaganda, which targets at the senior citizens.   It uses Cantonese opera music performers to publicize fraud prevention because a lot of senior citizens are the fans of those performers and victims of telecom frauds. The star…

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Good reviews praised Frank the tour guide can dodge the crowds for clients

Frank the tour guide can help clients to dodge the crowds during his private car tour service

Clients gave Frank the tour guide good reviews as Frank dodges the crowds for them during private tour service A lot of clients praised Frank the tour guide for dodging the crowds for them during the private car tour service.   This post is going to show readers the examples. Dodging the crowds is always conducive…

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