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Don’t miss the details of Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery Main Hall

Travelers should not miss Po Lin Monastery’s details When travelers talk about Lantau Island, they mostly mention the Big Buddha and the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride. Actually Po Lin Monastery is more important than the Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping Cable Car because this historic temple is the builder of the Big Buddha….

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Simple but colorful Christmas decorations at Tsim Sha Tsui offer hopes to people amid pandemic

East Tsim Sha Tsui has installed Christmas decorations since 1982.

People get hopes from the simple but beautiful Christmas decorations at Tsim Sha Tsui Christmas comes in a month. As always, Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui East Area has the Christmas decorations. Due to the pandemic-led economic downturn, the decorations are simple. The beautiful Christmas decorations still offer hopes to everyone.   Frank the tour…

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The postponement of Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble shows the arrangement is effective

Travel bubble may become the Christmas gift for the Hong Kong and Singapore travelers in 2020.

Effective Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble postpones by fortnight Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble, which was due to launch on Sunday (22 Nov 2020), postpones by two weeks. This is not due to Santa Claus is still making the bubble! (Video shows you the Christmas decoration at Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong.) The reason is…

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Hong Kong Victoria Harbor seems larger and calmer under Covid-19…

Star Ferry leaves Tsim Sha Tsui Pier duirng sunset. Ocean Terminal on the right is empty.

Larger and calmer Hong Kong Victoria Harbor under Covid-19? Under Covid-19 pandemic, the beautiful Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong looks bigger and calmer. The reasons are the disappearance of giant cruise ships and suspension of border crossing high speed ferry services, like Turbojet between Hong Kog and Macau.   Frank the tour guide shows you the…

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Which one is the haunted house in Hong Kong? 

Murray House, Po Lin Monastery and Bank of China form a story.

A: Murray House, B: Po Lin Monastery, C: Bank of China Building The answer is A. Actually Murray House, Po Lin Monastery and Bank of China Building form a long and interesting story.   Frank the tour guide is going to tell you in this blog post.   Apart from blogging, Frank can show you…

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6 Hong Kong sightseeing ideas from exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong” for Singapore travelers under new travel bubble and others

Kennedy Town in the past and at present

Get sightseeing ideas from old Hong Kong photo exhibition Frank the tour guide wrote about the permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History is under a 2-year renovation. Actually the museum still opens. There is the lobby exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong”.   The exhibition is a good things…

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A belated video and new changes for the Aberdeen Fishing Village

Ap Lei Chau and the trawlers at Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter

Aberdeen Fishing Village’s belated video and new changes  This video does not show you Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Fishing Village now. It is a belated video, which shows you the trawlers, sampans and Jumbo Ferries at Aberdeen Harbor, one year ago. Due to the 2019 riots and 2020 pandemic, the three types of boats have different…

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Big fire accident broke out in Jumbo Floating Restaurant on 30 October 1971

On 30 October 1971, a big fire accident happened on Jumbo Floating Restaurant   Jumbo Floating Restaurant at Aberdeen Hong Kong was destroyed by a big fire accident on 30 October 1971.   Although the video is in Chinese, you can see how serious the situation was… Luckily Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho built a new…

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2020 is the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List

Macau Na Tcha Temple and Old City Wall Macau full day private car tour start at Hong Kong-COLLAGE

Macau celebrates the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List in 2020 In 2005, the UNESCO acknowledged 22 buildings and 8 squares in Macau to be world heritage buildings.   2020 is the 15th anniversary for this big event for Macau. This is Macau SAR Government promotion video….

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Have the trees frosted on the day of Frost’s Descent in Hong Kong?

frosty yellow leaf

NO! Hong Kong is still in the warm autumn time… 23 October 2020 is the 18th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Frost’s Descent. It means the late autumn has come. The weather in the northern part of China becomes cold enough to make the trees frosty especially in the early…

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