The cat family celebrates the Year of the Tiger in Hong Kong together

The cat family celebrates the Year of the Tiger

Different cats celebrate new year of Tiger together The cat family is big. But only the fierce tiger is one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. During the year of the Tiger in the past, Chinese used the vivid and lifelike tiger paintings as the decorations. The traditional tiger paintings clearly shows the people, who…

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Frank the tour guide hopes 2022 is your happy show time!

Frank hopes you have a happy 2022 Frank the tour guide just buys a 2022 planner from Alibaba. The daily planner has a “Show Time, 2022” logo on the cover.   Happy new year! Frank the tour guide hopes 2022 is your show time! Fully vaccinated Frank looks forward to showing his beautiful hometown to…

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Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas and see you in 2022 Frank the tour guide wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Frank believes that Santa Claus tries his best to deliver Christmas gifts to everyone on time!   Frank looks forward to helping travelers dodge the crowds during the busy festive season in easy Hong Kong private tour service. See…

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Winter Solstice dinner for a better 2022

Winter Solstice dinner

Big meal on Winter Solstice for a better 2022 Chinese have an old saying, Winter Solstice is bigger than the Chinese New Year! So Frank the tour guide enjoys a big meal with families today.   When 2021 is coming to the end, everyone hopes to have a better 2022. Yes, the new variant of…

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Frank’s “Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021” snapshots video

The screenshot of Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021 video

“Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021” video of Frank After visiting East Tsim Sha Tsui, Frank the tour guide makes a short video to share his snapshots for the Christmas light displays of 2021. This is the 39th “Tsim Sha Tsui East Festive Illuminations”.     Most of the short and big…

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Frank’s “Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021” snapshots video

Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021 video screenshot

“Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021” video of Frank Frank the tour guide makes the snapshot video to show you the Christmas decorations of Harbour City Mall of 2021. The festive decorations of giant Harbour City Mall are always the focus of Hong Kong citizens and travelers during Christmas.   In 2021, when the adjacent cruise…

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Time to say hello to the big full moon

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Today (21 September 2021) is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the time for family members to reunite, enjoy moon cake and say hello to the big full moon. Frank the tour guide hopes everyone has a happy festival. Fully vaccinated Frank looks forward to sharing Chinese culture with clients in the…

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Let’s see what Dragon Boat Festival is through the interesting sand painting

Post at Facebook for Dragon Boat Festival video

Interesting sand painting shows you the facts about Dragon Boat Festival Today is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. To keep the good result of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, most dragon boat races in Hong Kong are cancelled or postponed to avoid public gathering. You can still see the fun facts about this interesting festival through…

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Ngong Ping Big Buddha sightseeing tips on Buddha Birthday Holiday

Big Buddha close up

Sightseeing tips at Ngong Ping Big Buddha on Buddha’s Birthday Today (19 May 2021) is Buddha’s 2565th birthday!   If you want to say happy birthday to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in Hong Kong today and in the future, please read Frank the tour guide’s post with sightseeing tips for you…   Hong…

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Government’s two gifts on Everyone’s Birthday for Hong Kong citizens

selfie, Frank the tour guide, parents, eating dim sum

Hong Kong citizens get two gifts from government on People’s Day Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year or the People’s Day. People believe that the supreme Goddess creates human on the seventh day in the first month in the Chinese calendar. So today is everyone’s birthday!   Happy Birthday to you!…

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