Tour guide Frank’s new year gift is a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift.

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift Happy new year again! What is your new year gift for 2022? How much do you pay for it? On 1st January, tour guide Frank got a Sinovac COVID-19 booster shot as his new year present!   Like the first…

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Frank’s “Hong Kong Street Market” snapshots video

Hong Kong Street Market video screenshot

“Hong Kong Street Market” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his old snapshots of 2019 to make a short “Hong Kong Street Market” video. Apart from the touristy markets, Stanley Market, Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market, travelers should visit the local street markets to see the life of common Hong Kong…

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Travelers should follow the guidelines when encountering cattle and buffalo to keep safety

Follow the dos and don'ts when you encounter stray cattle and buffalo can keep your safety

Guidelines for travelers when encountering cattle and buffalo  One large male buffalo rammed several students in the southern part of Lantau Island on yesterday (4 November 2021). Frank the tour guide hopes the slightly wounded children of this rare accident can recover soon (For details please browse this link). After retiring from the farming work,…

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Frank’s “Feel Hong Kong through Star Ferry ride” snapshots video

“Feel Hong Kong through Star Ferry ride” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his old snapshots to make his short “Feel Hong Kong through Star Ferry ride” video. The photos were taken before the pandemic. Now the passengers and crew are all wearing masks. The Star Ferry boats have the new environmental-friendly engines (For…

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Foreign expats’ FAQ: What is the purpose of Hong Kong electoral system reform?

Hong Kong SAR Government website with updated information about Hong Kong's improved electoral system.

Hong Kong electoral system reform’s purpose: enhancing stability Although most foreign expats in Hong Kong cannot participate in Hong Kong’s elections, they are still concerned about the electoral system reform and its slogan “ensure patriots administering Hong Kong”! The frequently asked questions (FAQ) of foreign expats is: “What is the purpose of Hong Kong electoral…

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Is Samuel Bickett’s case related to National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR? NO!

US lawyer's case is not related to the National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR

Samuel Bickett’s case isn’t related to Hong Kong National Security Law American lawyer Samuel Bickett’s conviction for attacking an off-duty police officer in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay MTR Station has become a hot issue on internet due to the tweets of Samuel, reports of Western press and comments of netizens.   Expats in Hong Kong should…

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Layover travelers shouldn’t just stay at Hong Kong Airport

Layover travelers should take the chance to see Hong Kong  Hong Kong is eager to keep the status as the international aviation hub.   So Hong Kong Airport builds the third runway. The ceremony for the completion of third runway pavement was on 7 September 2021!  When everything can get back to normalcy after…

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Diligent mule, which helped build Ngong Ping 360, passes away!

Hardworking mule, which carried Ngong Ping 360 building materials, dies Frank the tour guide often introduced the hardworking mule team from Alberta Canada to clients at the beginning of the amazing Ngong Ping Cable Car ride during the easy Lantau private tour service. The mules delivered the building materials to the construction site of the…

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Be safe. Be considerate. Together we vaccinate!

Screenshot of Together We Vaccinate music video

Don’t be late! Together we vaccinate! Hong Kong Airport Authority has uploaded a new music video to promote Hong Kong’s vaccination campaign. Although the song’s lyrics are mainly in Chinese, the song’s name, “Together we vaccinate”, can show Western travelers its aim. The Chinese lyrics describe when everyone, travelers, pilots, flight attendants, ground staff etc.,…

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A Guinness World Record, largest double-decker tram fleet in service, is waiting for travelers in Hong Kong!

Air-conditioned double decker tram in Causeway Bay

Hope travelers can try Hong Kong’s Guinness World Record Double Decker Tram soon The fleet of 165 double decker trams is always the icon of Hong Kong.   It has praised as the largest operating double decker tram fleet for a long time.   Recently it has eventually certified by Guinness World Records as “largest…

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