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Hong Kong’s smooth vaccination programme further opens up to people aged 30 or above

The logo of Hong Kong SAR Government Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Hong Kong vaccination campaign accelerates to cover most of the population Hong Kong SAR’s Covid-19 vaccination programme has begun on 26 Feb 2021.   The cumulative number of persons who have received their first jabs of vaccine has exceeded 200,000 on 15 March 2021 (You may check the most updated date here). This encouraging result…

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Travelers have over 12 hours of daytime for sightseeing in Hong Kong after Spring Equinox

ICC, Stonecutter Island Bridge, waterfront promenade

After Spring Equinox, travelers have longer daytime for sightseeing in Hong Kong Spring Equinox is on 20 March 2021. On the day of this solar term, day and night have approximately the same length. Actually Hong Kong has the day and night with the same length on 15 March 2021.   From 16 March 2021 onwards,…

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Good news for visitors: Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease!

Victoria Harbor view from Stubbs Road Lookout

Hong Kong’s decrease in foggy days gladdens visitors  Data shows that Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease. This is a good news for visitors, who are eager to see Hong Kong’s skyline and enjoy the great view of Victoria Harbor at Victoria Peak.   Frank the tour guide is going to show readers the details of…

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Frank the tour guide work report for February 2021

Frank posts his private tour business data

Frank posts his private tour business data Apart from blogging, Frank the tour guide updates the Easy Hong Kong Private Tour website in February 2021. Frank posts his private tour business data on the homepage.   This post is going to analyze the inter-related three bar charts about Frank’s private tour business…   Frank’s private…

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How would Hong Kong citizens identify themselves?

China flag, Hong Kong SAR flag, British flag, Victoria Harbor

Complicated identity issue for Hong Kong citizens As a former British colony and Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong citizens’ identity is a complicated and sensitive issue.   A lot of Western travelers are interested in How Hong Kong citizens would identify themselves. Made in Hong Kong Chinese, Frank the tour guide, is going…

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Compare the past and the present Hong Kong Peak Tram

Differences between the past and present Hong Kong Peak Tram

Differences between the past and present Hong Kong Peak Tram Hong Kong’s Peak Tram was built in 1888. Today taking Peak Tram ride is still the must-do-thing for the travelers. Frank the tour guide is going to show travelers the 6 differences between the past and the present Hong Kong funicular railway.     Actually…

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Where can travelers find the toilets in Hong Kong?

Washroom sign in Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Where should travelers go when they want a toilet in Hong Kong? Toilet is important for everyone. Finding toilet often is the pain point for travelers.   As travelers are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, it may be difficult for travelers to find the toilets, especially when travelers TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Made in Hong…

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A colorful new transitional housing block shows Western travelers Chinese idiom and Hong Kong proverb 

Colorful Transitional housing built by containers for poor households in Kowloon

Transitional housing apartments’ limited supply shows Western travelers Chinese idiom and Hong Kong old saying There is a short, new and colorful transitional housing block at Shek Kip Mei in Kowloon.   It is not far away from the Kowloon Road, which Frank just introduced in his blog. There are 89 apartments for the poor…

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How many colorful signboards are there in Hong Kong?

LED billboards near Temple Street Night Market

Even Hong Kong Government can just gives you an approximate number of signboards The colorful signboards are the icon for Hong Kong’s famous night view. Travelers take a lot of photos for them and wonder the actual number of signboard in Hong Kong, However even Hong Kong Government can only gives people the approximate number…

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Pros and cons for Hong Kong’s weather in July and Frank’s solution for travelers

Sunny weather of July in Hong Kong

July hot weather’s pros and cons for travelers and Frank’s private car tour solution  July is the beginning of the summer holiday. For Frank’s city Hong Kong SAR, July is the month with hottest weather and longest average sunshine duration.   July’s average temperature is about 29°C (i.e. 84.2℉)! July’s average sunshine duration is about 212 hours!…

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