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Frank’s “Mini HK Story exhibition” snapshots video

Mini Hong Kong Story snapshots video screenshot

“Mini HK Story exhibition” video of Frank the tour guide  After visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History on 10 Oct 2021, Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Mini Hong Kong Story exhibition” video. It is suitable to post this video on 13 Oct 2021 as the museum is closed…

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FAQ of travelers already in Hong Kong: Can I make the short notice tour booking? YES!

Travelers already in Hong Kong can make short notice tour booking Travelers already in Hong Kong often meet different challenges and difficulties, long queues, big crowds, muggy weather etc., when they go sightseeing by themselves.   Apart from TIY (tour it yourselves), they may want to find the reliable Hong Kong private tour guide and…

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Secretaries’ FAQ: Can you change the Hong Kong private tour itinerary for my boss? YES!

Secretary planning Hong Kong business trip for the boss

Frank can change Hong Kong private tour itinerary for your bosses Secretaries and assistants need to help their bosses to arrange the Hong Kong business trips. They may book Hong Kong private tour for the bosses to go sightseeing during their free time. The frequently asked question (FAQ) of Secretaries and assistants in the email…

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Business travelers’ FAQ: Can you show me more Hong Kong highlights in one tour? YES!

Easy Hong Kong private tour helps business travelers see and do more 

Easy Hong Kong private tour helps business travelers visit more highlights Apart from making more deals, a lot of business travelers want to take some time to go sightseeing in Hong Kong. As they have limited time only, business travelers do want to do more and see more in one Hong Kong private tour.  …

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Overseas Chinese travelers’ FAQ: Can your tour guide speak Chinese? YES!

Frank the tour guide speaks Cantonese, Putonghua and English During a lot of overseas Chinese families’ China trips, the East meets West and convenient Hong Kong is one of the destinations.   The grand parents, parents and grand children in the families want to see, eat and experience different things in Hong Kong.   They…

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Solo travelers’ FAQ: Does your tour charge solo traveler extra? NO!

Solo travelers enjoy the freedom of traveling solo, but dislike the extra payment for solo travelers.

Easy Hong Kong private tour doesn’t charge solo traveler extra   Solo travelers like the freedom of traveling solo. But they may still need to pay extra to book some tour products as they are traveling alone.   Solo travelers’ frequently asked question (FAQ) in the email to Frank the tour guide is: Does your Hong…

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Senior travelers’ FAQ: Is your Hong Kong tour senior-friendly? YES!

Senior-friendly easy Hong Kong private tour

Easy Hong Kong private tour is senior-friendly After retirement, a lot of seniors begin the new life as the frequent travelers.   Senior frequent travelers often enjoy the multi-nation Asian cruise holiday or the a month-long China trip. They do have concern about whether the destinations’ tour products are suitable to old people or not….

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Sons’ and daughters’ FAQ: Will my parents need to walk a lot during Hong Kong tour? NO!

Senior clients can have nice walk during easy Hong Kong private tour, but don't need to walk too much!

Your parents won’t walk too much during easy Hong Kong private tour A lot of filial sons and daughters arrange the China trip or Asian cruise holiday for their senior parents to celebrate parents’ birthday or wedding anniversary.   The children all care about their parents health and are curious about the activity level of…

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Honeymooners’ FAQ: Will others join my tour? NO!

Honeymooners can visit Victoria Peak at their own easy Hong Kong private tour.

Honeymooners’ HK private tour won’t have other tourists Sweet newlyweds want to spend every moment together during their romantic honeymoon. So honeymooners had a frequently asked question (FAQ) when they emailed Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour service: Will other people join my tour?   Frank the tour guide’s…

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Parents’ FAQ: Can my family do Hong Kong sightseeing tour and go to amusement park easily in one day? YES!

Families can have Hong Kong private tour and visit amusement park in one day Apart from catering their children’s needs and wants, most parents want to keep some time for sightseeing during the family trips. So when parents sent email to Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour service, they…

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