Which Hong Kong attraction is couples’ favorite?

Stanley is couples' favorite Hong Kong attraction

Stanley is couples’ favorite Hong Kong attraction Couples’ favorite Hong Kong attraction is Stanley on Hong Kong Island.   After visiting Stanley with traveling couples numerous time during his easy Hong Kong Island private tour, Frank the tour guide tries to summarize couples’ reasons to love Stanley.   Couples can enjoy good view on the…

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Frank’s “Local tea café and delicacies” snapshots video

“Local tea café and delicacies” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Local tea café and delicacies” video. Common Hong Kong citizens like the functional local tea café very much! The tea cafés have the all-embracing menus for diners. People can have their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even…

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FAQ of Travelers with walking problems: Can your car for Hong Kong private tour accommodate my mobility aid? YES!

Easy Hong Kong private car tour can help travelers with walking problems to go sightseeing easily

Our car can accommodate your mobility aids… Today it is convenient for travelers with walking problems using mobility aids to take the international flights and cruises. Mobility aid users just worry that they may meet difficulties and challenges when they go sightseeing at the destinations.   So the frequently asked question (FAQ) of travelers with…

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Wife’s FAQ: can your car accommodate my tall husband? YES!

Our big Toyota Alphard MPV can accommodate the tall men.

Our big car can accommodate the tall men A lot of wives are responsible to plan the Hong Kong trips. When the wives emailed Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour by private car service, they had a frequently asked question (FAQ), can your car accommodate my tall husband?  …

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Disabled travelers shouldn’t rely on smart phone only

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers' common mistake

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers’ common mistake Most disabled travelers and travelers with mobility issues rely on the mobile internet and smart phone to search the travel information to TIY (tour it yourselves) at the destinations. However, over reliance on smart phone is the common mistake of disabled travelers nowadays.   The…

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Newlyweds should have good Hong Kong honeymoon plan

Good travel plan is vital to happy Hong Kong honeymoon 

Good travel plan is vital to happy Hong Kong honeymoon  A lot of newlyweds just focus on planning and organizing their wedding parties. They ignore the planning for the very important activity after the big day, honeymoon!   This is the common mistake for a lot of honeymooners. They just book the flight tickets and…

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Be safe. Be considerate. Together we vaccinate!

Screenshot of Together We Vaccinate music video

Don’t be late! Together we vaccinate! Hong Kong Airport Authority has uploaded a new music video to promote Hong Kong’s vaccination campaign. Although the song’s lyrics are mainly in Chinese, the song’s name, “Together we vaccinate”, can show Western travelers its aim. The Chinese lyrics describe when everyone, travelers, pilots, flight attendants, ground staff etc.,…

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Hong Kong private car tour offers easy sightseeing experience to travelers with mobility issues

Hong Kong private car tour offers traveler with mobility issues and the family members easy experience.

Travelers with mobility issues get easy experience in Hong Kong private car tour It is common for people with mobility problems to travel with family members now.   However, travelers with bad legs still face the common pain points, transportation and care, during sightseeing at the destination. To enjoy the easy sightseeing trip in Hong…

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Private car tour helps business travelers with limited time to tour Hong Kong easily

Business travelers can go sightseeing easily in the easy Hong Kong private car tour.

Hong Kong private car tour helps busy business travelers to go sightseeing easily Apart from making business deals, a lot of business travelers want to go sightseeing during the Hong Kong business trip. However busy foreign businessmen mostly do not have a lot of free time. This is the common pain point for the foreign…

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Couples should use easy Hong Kong private tour service to avoid argument during Hong Kong trip

Couples should take easy Hong Kong private tour to avoid arguments (Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay)

Easy Hong Kong private tour helps couples to avoid arguments during Hong Kong trip Even the most in love couples always have arguments during their trips. This is the common pain point for all couples.   The reasons behind the arguments are differences in planning, budget, itinerary and the tiny things (hot weather, bad weather,…

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