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Interesting back alley names after UK capital, London Lane in Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Island

Hong Kong’s short London Lane is near fishing village but it has no Buckingham Palace Although it is named after the capital city of Great Britain, former British colony Hong Kong’s London Lane on the Ap Lei Chau Island has no Buckingham Palace or Big Ben🤣!   It is only a 30-meter short back alley with only two…

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It is always suitable to go to Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin


Visit to Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin is always suitable Although worship more gods may get more protections, it is important to worship the suitable god. It is always suitable to say hello to Che Kung at Che Kung Temple.   The temple’s main god Che Kung is good at offering something necessary to people…

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Frank the tour guide shows you skyscrapers in Central by his video and private car tour

Photo shows the main compnies in Hong Kong. From left to right, New Bank of China, Cheung Kong Center, Old Bank of China, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank

Without private car tour amid Covid-19, Frank shows you skyscrapers of Central Hong Kong by a virtual tour Frank the tour guide shows you the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Central area, the center of international financial center, in his short video. Apart from their grand appearance, Central’s tall buildings show you Hong Kong’s yesterday, today…

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A short street with a big name, Kowloon Road

Kowloon Road signage

Kowloon Road is NOT the main road of Kowloon Kowloon Peninsula is one of the main regions of Hong Kong SAR. Its main road however is not Kowloon Road (Kowloon’s main road should be Nathan Road!).   Kowloon Road has a big name but it is narrow and its short length is only about 200m….

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Stamp mosaic shows Hong Kong amazing view in General Post Office

Mosaic in General Post Office shows Hong Kong amazing view made by stamps

Don’t miss stamp mosaic for Hong Kong Harbour view in General Post Office Next time when you buy stamps and mail your post cards at Central’s General Post Office, please go to see the interesting and beautiful stamp mosaic.   The mosaic for celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of establishment of Hong Kong Post is actually…

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Good travel partners for travelers in Hong Kong’s summertime, pilot cooler tram and Frank’s private car tour

Collage for pilot cooler tram

Pilot cooler tram and Frank’s private car tour are travelers’ good travel partners in Hong Kong  In the summertime, travelers can get two good travel partners in Hong Kong. They are pilot cooler tram and Frank’s private car tour service.   They can offer travelers the cool experience in Hong Kong during their TIY (Tour…

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Virtual tour for Hong Kong Museum of Art under Covid-19

Two fishermen sitting on shore, one fisherman standing and smoking

Visit Hong Kong Museum of Art through internet under Covid-19 When Chinese Central Government sends experts to Hong Kong SAR to help to curb the third wave of Covid-19 outbreak, all museums in Hong Kong close again to reduce the opportunity for people to gather. But locals and foreigners can still visit the Hong Kong Museum…

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Localized Western food shows Hong Kong’s mix and match culture

spaghetti, steak, lemon tea, bread with egg

See Hong Kong city’s mix and match culture from the localized Western food Hong Kong culture is not totally Chinese or Western. Hong Kong’s culture is the mix and match of the Chinese and Western culture. From the localized Western foods in Hong Kong eateries, you can see what Hong Kong culture is. Frank’s short…

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