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FAQ of Travelers with walking problems: Can your car for Hong Kong private tour accommodate my mobility aid? YES!

Easy Hong Kong private car tour can help travelers with walking problems to go sightseeing easily

Our car can accommodate your mobility aids… Today it is convenient for travelers with walking problems using mobility aids to take the international flights and cruises. Mobility aid users just worry that they may meet difficulties and challenges when they go sightseeing at the destinations.   So the frequently asked question (FAQ) of travelers with…

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Secretaries’ FAQ: Can you change the Hong Kong private tour itinerary for my boss? YES!

Secretary planning Hong Kong business trip for the boss

Frank can change Hong Kong private tour itinerary for your bosses Secretaries and assistants need to help their bosses to arrange the Hong Kong business trips. They may book Hong Kong private tour for the bosses to go sightseeing during their free time. The frequently asked question (FAQ) of Secretaries and assistants in the email…

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Check your car to keep safety

You should do the 7 most essential vehicle checks Thank you to Eliza Brooks <> for this guest blog. She is a recent graduate, marketing intern, passionate blogger and frequent traveler. This is her fourth post at Easy Hong Kong Private Tour blog! If you are interested in writing a guest blog for Easy Hong Kong Private Tour, please email…

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Frank celebrates the 11th anniversary to be a tour guide

Frank the tour guide takes selfie at Shui Chuen O Estate

Frank has been Hong Kong tour guide for 11 years! Frank celebrates the 11th anniversary to be a Hong Kong tour guide on 31 August 2021! Yes, as the Covid-19 outbreak hasn’t ended, Frank has no job at this moment. So it is good to change the celebration to preparation.   Frank continues to find the…

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Please don’t confuse Hong Kong’s two cruise terminals

Please don't confuse Hong Kong's two cruise terminals

Cruise passengers often mix up Hong Kong’s two cruise terminals Confusing Hong Kong’s two different cruise terminals is cruise passengers’ common mistake.   Although Hong Kong is a small harbor city, the busy Hong Kong has the Ocean Terminal and the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.   After booking their private shore excursions, some clients emailed…

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Be safe. Be considerate. Together we vaccinate!

Screenshot of Together We Vaccinate music video

Don’t be late! Together we vaccinate! Hong Kong Airport Authority has uploaded a new music video to promote Hong Kong’s vaccination campaign. Although the song’s lyrics are mainly in Chinese, the song’s name, “Together we vaccinate”, can show Western travelers its aim. The Chinese lyrics describe when everyone, travelers, pilots, flight attendants, ground staff etc.,…

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How to make big family Hong Kong trip easy?


Hong Kong private bus tour makes big family trip easy Big family trip and large family cruise are very common today. However the families all face the common pain point, trip planning. It is annoying having to organize the things to do, places to go, what do eat etc. for a big family.   If…

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Hong Kong private car tour helps avoiding crowds and gives clients sense of superiority and security

Toyota Alphard at Lin Fa Kung Temple

Clients get sense of superiority and security after dodging the crowds in Hong Kong private car tour Hong Kong private car tour gives clients the sense of superiority by avoiding the crowds successfully.   When clients have finished sightseeing easily by the help of Frank the tour guide and see other tourists wait in long…

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Hong Kong may have cruise to nowhere in this high summer

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Citizens may be able to cruise to nowhere from Hong Kong in summer According to the Hong Kong SAR Government official, in this high summer, vaccinated Hong Kong citizens may be able to join the “cruise to nowhere” program.   This is really a boost to local tourism industry after the second postponement of the…

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Ngong Ping Big Buddha sightseeing tips on Buddha Birthday Holiday

Big Buddha close up

Sightseeing tips at Ngong Ping Big Buddha on Buddha’s Birthday Today (19 May 2021) is Buddha’s 2565th birthday!   If you want to say happy birthday to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in Hong Kong today and in the future, please read Frank the tour guide’s post with sightseeing tips for you…   Hong…

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