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BIG NEWS! Travelers can see the precious Beijing Palace Museum’s national treasures and Hong Kong’s nice Victoria Harbor view in one building in 2022…

See Chinese national treasures and Victoria Harbor view at Palace Museum Hong Kong Branch in 2022

Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version at West Kowloon waterfront will be ready in 2022 A grand Chinese cultural attraction, Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version, is coming. The construction for the first branch of Chinese Beijing Palace Museum was just completed at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon waterfront. It will be opened to the public…

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Hong Kong Post stamp shows you Victoria Harbor in 1962 and 2020

Hong Kong Past and Present Series Victoria Harbor special stamps

Hong Kong Post issued “Hong Kong Past and Present Series: Victoria Harbor” stamps Hong Kong Post issued stamp product “Hong Kong Past and Present Series: Victoria Harbor” in late September 2020.   The special stamps show the great view of Victoria Harbor in 1962 and in 2020. Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor changes a lot in…

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Is this banner the propaganda for Cantonese opera show?

The handsome protagonist

No, it is the anti-telecom fraud propaganda for senior citizens… This is Hong Kong Police’s new anti-telecom fraud propaganda, which targets at the senior citizens.   It uses Cantonese opera music performers to publicize fraud prevention because a lot of senior citizens are the fans of those performers and victims of telecom frauds. The star…

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6 Hong Kong sightseeing ideas from exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong” for Singapore travelers under new travel bubble and others

Kennedy Town in the past and at present

Get sightseeing ideas from old Hong Kong photo exhibition Frank the tour guide wrote about the permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History is under a 2-year renovation. Actually the museum still opens. There is the lobby exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong”.   The exhibition is a good things…

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6 benefits to tour Nan Lian Garden at night

Wooden bridge in Nan Lian Garden at night

Nan Lian Garden sightseeing at night has 6 advantages The traditional but new Chinese garden Nan Lian Garden is beautiful and famous. Apart from visiting the garden in the daytime, travelers can go to the oasis in the concrete city Hong Kong at night.   Frank the tour guide is going to share the 6…

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A photo as the epitome of Hong Kong public housing history

See public housing history of Hong Kong at Shek Kip Mei's Heritage of Mei Ho House (on the left of the photos)

A photo as Hong Kong government housing development epitome  This photo shows you Shek Kip Mei Area in Kowloon.   As the photo can show different generations of public housing, it is actually the epitome of Hong Kong public housing history. This post is going to show you the details. If you want to see…

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“Hong Kong Theme Park – Ocean Park Hong Kong” Special Stamps show hope for the major tourist spot in the international city

Ocean Park Special Stamp Presentation Pack

New stamp after new funding shows hope for the poverty-stricken Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong Post issues the new special stamps for the Hong Kong Ocean Park.   The stamps with six different kinds of cute animals in Ocean Park show hope for this famous and popular tourist spot in Hong Kong.   After…

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See pretty sunset in the fall of Hong Kong easily

Cityscape plus sunset at Mong Kok

Enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful sunset in autumn easily Hong Kong’s autumn mostly has a vast clear and cloudless sky with high visibility (You may browse this post about Hong Kong’s pleasant weather in autumn.). Travelers can TIY (tour it yourself) to see the pretty sunset of Hong Kong at Star Ferry Pier, Tsuen Wan Waterfront…

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Hong Kong Museum of History will write a better “Hong Kong Story” permanent exhibition 

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation The popular Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History has closed for renovation on 18 Oct 2020.   The museum of history is going to write a better Hong Kong Story in the coming two years by enhancing the old and adding…

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Interesting back alley names after UK capital, London Lane in Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Island

Hong Kong’s short London Lane is near fishing village but it has no Buckingham Palace Although it is named after the capital city of Great Britain, former British colony Hong Kong’s London Lane on the Ap Lei Chau Island has no Buckingham Palace or Big Ben🤣!   It is only a 30-meter short back alley with only two…

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