Frank’s “Pretty autumn blue sky” snapshots video

Pretty autumn blue sky video screenshot

“Pretty autumn blue sky” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Pretty autumn blue sky” video. Hong Kong’s autumn is the best season for travelers.   Autumn’s weather is warm and dry.   Travelers feel very comfortable during the autumn Hong Kong trips. After watching Frank’s short video,…

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Frank’s “Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo” snapshots video

Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo video screenshot

“Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo” video of Frank Frank the tour guide is planning a new West Kowloon Tsuen Wan private tour itinerary. So he went to the one of the chosen sightseeing points, the pretty Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo, to take the photos for promotion and check the traffic condition. Frank shows his…

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Frank’s “Mini HK Story exhibition” snapshots video

Mini Hong Kong Story snapshots video screenshot

“Mini HK Story exhibition” video of Frank the tour guide  After visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History on 10 Oct 2021, Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Mini Hong Kong Story exhibition” video. It is suitable to post this video on 13 Oct 2021 as the museum is closed…

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Senior travelers shouldn’t underestimate weather & transportation challenge in Hong Kong

Senior travelers should plan a relaxed and easy Hong Kong trip for themselves.

Hong Kong’s muggy weather & clumsy MTR annoy senior travelers The special colonial history, good scenery and convenient airport make Hong Kong to be a lot of senior travelers’ destination and layover stop. Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide discovers that senior travelers often make the common mistake in the so-called convenient Hong…

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Travelers can really feel this weather pain point when they are already in Hong Kong

Travelers can only feel how muggy Hong Kong is when they are in the city.

Muggy weather is a pain point for travelers in Hong Kong Today it is very easy for people to search the weather information for their destinations on the travel bucket list. So all travelers know Hong Kong has a hot and wet summer.   But travelers can only feel how hot and humid Hong Kong…

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Already feel the heat in Hong Kong? You may take private car tour to go sightseeing easily!

You may take private car tour to go sightseeing to beat summer heat

Private car tour helps you beat the heat during sightseeing in Hong Kong  A lot of travelers just find out that Hong Kong is so hot and humid when they are in Hong Kong. Temperature already reaches 35 degree Celsius in May although May is the early summer only.   The temperature and relative humidity…

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Ngong Ping Big Buddha sightseeing tips on Buddha Birthday Holiday

Big Buddha close up

Sightseeing tips at Ngong Ping Big Buddha on Buddha’s Birthday Today (19 May 2021) is Buddha’s 2565th birthday!   If you want to say happy birthday to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in Hong Kong today and in the future, please read Frank the tour guide’s post with sightseeing tips for you…   Hong…

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Travelers have over 12 hours of daytime for sightseeing in Hong Kong after Spring Equinox

ICC, Stonecutter Island Bridge, waterfront promenade

After Spring Equinox, travelers have longer daytime for sightseeing in Hong Kong Spring Equinox is on 20 March 2021. On the day of this solar term, day and night have approximately the same length. Actually Hong Kong has the day and night with the same length on 15 March 2021.   From 16 March 2021 onwards,…

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Good news for visitors: Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease!

Victoria Harbor view from Stubbs Road Lookout

Hong Kong’s decrease in foggy days gladdens visitors  Data shows that Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease. This is a good news for visitors, who are eager to see Hong Kong’s skyline and enjoy the great view of Victoria Harbor at Victoria Peak.   Frank the tour guide is going to show readers the details of…

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Frank the tour guide’s posts about Hong Kong’s pretty flowers at social media

Frank the tour guide's posts about Hong Kong's pretty flowers at social media

Collection of Frank the tour guide’s social media posts about Hong Kong flowers Frank the tour guide has five posts about Hong Kong’s flowers in his social media this week.   This post is going to show Frank’s posts at Facebook. You may follow Frank the tour guide’s social media…     Apart from making…

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