Let’s learn the Chinese character for cluster (集), but don’t cluster together under Covid-19 pandemic

Chinese character for Cluster has an origin, a drawing showing cute birds flocking on a tree

Chinese Character for cluster (集) shows birds flocking on a tree  Chinese character for cluster (集 pronounces as zaap6) originally was a drawing, which shows birds are flocking on a tree.   Frank the tour guide is going to analyze the character “集” and show its changes.   Like birds, people like social gatherings. However,…

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Birdie Emerald’s molting reflects the world and life move in cycle

Birdie Emerald's molting in 2020

The world and life move in cycle just like Birdie Emerald’s molting Frank the tour guide’s pet Bridie Emerald is still molting. Its head has a lot of “white hair”, which are the roots of the new green feathers!   The recent shedding for Birdie Emerald’s tail feathers just reminds Frank the tour guide of…

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Let’s learn Chinese character, 羅(Law), which is Frank the tour guide’s surname and his laws for easy private car tour

羅 (LAW) is Frank the tour guide's surname.

Bird catching background for Chinese character 羅(Law) and Frank Law’s laws for easy private car tour  Frank the tour guide’s surname is 羅 (LAW). However, the character has no relationship with “LAW”, “RULE” and “REGULATION”. Actually the character originated from the action of “bird catching”.   Frank the tour guide is going to share the interesting story…

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In the past, Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants allowed which type of PET?

Art work shows old bird market in the past

Dog or Bird or Goldfish? The answer is ……bird! You can watch the old Hong Kong commercial for brandy from YouTube first. Frank the tour guide is going to explain the answer to you in this blog post.   Frank is eager to share more interesting Hong Kong history with clients during his private car…

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Frank the tour guide sings a song to answer clients’ questions about his voice

Frank and his pet Birdie Emerald

To answer clients’ questions about his voice, Frank sings a song… When potential clients send Frank the tour guide queries for private car tour service, they often want to know the guide’s voice and English proficiency. So Frank the tour guide uses his pet Birdie Emerald’s fifth birthday celebration as the chance to sing a…

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When Birdie Emerald goes to bed at sunset, Frank’s clients begin their night tour

bird, fall asleep

The time for Frank’s Birdie Emerald has a nice dream is the time for Frank’s clients to have night tour At around sunset, Frank’s pet Birdie Emerald waits for someone to clean the bird cage and then sleep. At the same time, Frank’s clients wait for the start of the private car night tour.  …

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Frank offers different solution for the clients and his Birdie to solve summer pain point, scorching sun

bird in cage enjoys sunbathing

Frank’s two different ways to handle summer burning sun pain point for travelers and his Birdie Emerald Frank the tour guide has two different methods for his clients and his Birdie, Emerald, to beat the pain point of summertime, scorching sun.   They are air-conditioned car for clients and sun shield plus cool water for…

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