Around Hong Kong Island in 8 hours full day private car tour

Around Hong Kong Island in 8 hours full day private car tour highlights

During the in-depth, easy and enjoyable 8-hour private tour, YOU can see Hong Kong Island’s major highlights, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen and Stanley. YOU can visit the hidden gem, the Monster Building/Transformer Building, to see the overcrowded Hong Kong. Tour includes dim sum lunch, Peak Tram ride, sampan ride and double-decker tram ride.

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What are the five interesting temples in Hong Kong?

The interesting temples of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s five interesting temples Although you are not the Buddhists or Taoists, travelers can still visit the five interesting temples in Hong Kong.   Travelers can see the history, architecture, local culture and stories in the temples. Apart from TIY (tour it yourself) the temples, you can visit the temples easily in the easy…

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Let’s see what Dragon Boat Festival is through the interesting sand painting

Post at Facebook for Dragon Boat Festival video

Interesting sand painting shows you the facts about Dragon Boat Festival Today is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. To keep the good result of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, most dragon boat races in Hong Kong are cancelled or postponed to avoid public gathering. You can still see the fun facts about this interesting festival through…

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