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BIG NEWS! Travelers can see the precious Beijing Palace Museum’s national treasures and Hong Kong’s nice Victoria Harbor view in one building in 2022…

See Chinese national treasures and Victoria Harbor view at Palace Museum Hong Kong Branch in 2022

Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version at West Kowloon waterfront will be ready in 2022 A grand Chinese cultural attraction, Beijing Palace Museum Hong Kong version, is coming. The construction for the first branch of Chinese Beijing Palace Museum was just completed at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon waterfront. It will be opened to the public…

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The postponement of Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble shows the arrangement is effective

Travel bubble may become the Christmas gift for the Hong Kong and Singapore travelers in 2020.

Effective Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble postpones by fortnight Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble, which was due to launch on Sunday (22 Nov 2020), postpones by two weeks. This is not due to Santa Claus is still making the bubble! (Video shows you the Christmas decoration at Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong.) The reason is…

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Differences between Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival

Differences between Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival

Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival are not just different in their names Halloween is coming. Frank the tour guide reads posts about decoration ideas for Halloween and compares the Western Halloween with Chinese Ghost Festival. Actually their duration, aim, ceremony, customs and decoration are very different.     Frank is going to share the differences between…

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Have the trees frosted on the day of Frost’s Descent in Hong Kong?

frosty yellow leaf

NO! Hong Kong is still in the warm autumn time… 23 October 2020 is the 18th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Frost’s Descent. It means the late autumn has come. The weather in the northern part of China becomes cold enough to make the trees frosty especially in the early…

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Celebrate two happy events by one fireworks display on 1 October 2020 in Macau

2020, 1 Oct, fireworks, Macau Tower

Macau SAR celebrates two happy events, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day, by one big fireworks show Today, 1 October 2020, is a day with two important events for Chinese people, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day of People’s Republic of China. It is rare and special that the two important happy events for Chinese people fall…

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Macau will have the Light Festival and Grand Prix to welcome the travel bubble with Mainland China

St Paul's Ruins becomes the screen during the Macau Light Festival

Macau organizes the Light Festival and Grand Prix to welcome the large travel bubble with Mainland China The tiny gambling and tourism hub Macau SAR, like Mainland China, has successfully curbed the Covid-19 pandemic. Macau SAR will hold the Light Festival and Grand Prix to welcome the Mainland Chinese travelers after reopening the border and…

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The beginning of Autumn is not for the whole China

Print screen photo of Hong Kong Observatory

Lunar calendar may not show the situation of South China Today is the “Beginning of Autumn” in the Chinese Lunar calendar. You may view the video for “Beginning of Autumn”… The weather of fall should be dry and cool. However, today Hong Kong’s weather is hot and wet. Temperature is about 30°C. Relative humidity is about…

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Short video about the fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art

Sampan boat, fisherman rowing paddle

Frank’s short video about fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art China trade art was produced by Western painters and local Chinese painters. They captured the life, customs and landscapes of Pearl River Delta in southern part of China in the 18th and 19th century to cater the British, European and…

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See traditional Chinese Culture at beautiful Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong

golden pavilion, red wooden bridge, trees, rocks, high rise buildings, blue sky, white cloud

See traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong at Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong is the international financial center. But you can still find the traditional Chinese cultural elements in Hong Kong. That is the Nan Lian Garden.   Although it was only built in 1998, the garden shows you the traditional wooden architecture, gardening and…

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Who win? Who lose? What if 3 million BNO passport holders really migrate to England?

BNO passport

A Win Win Win situation for England, China and Hong Kong SAR if 3 million BNO passport holders migrate to the UK Recently British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced something very important to about 3 million citizens in Hong Kong China. Britain is planning to offer former colony’s 300,000 BNO passport holders and 3…

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