Time to say hello to the big full moon

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Today (21 September 2021) is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This is the time for family members to reunite, enjoy moon cake and say hello to the big full moon.

Frank the tour guide hopes everyone has a happy festival.

Fully vaccinated Frank looks forward to sharing Chinese culture with clients in the easy Hong Kong private tour in 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival after the pandemic!

Victoria Harbour view from the Victoria Peak June 2017

See amazing view of Victoria Harbor at Victoria Peak during our half day private car tour.

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Visit beautiful Nan Lian Garden during Hong Kong Kowloon full day private car tour.

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Macau St-Pauls-Ruins visitors

Visit the World heritage building, St Paul’s Ruins, during our full day Macau private car tour.

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Time to say hello to the big full moon
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Time to say hello to the big full moon
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021
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