Ngong Ping Big Buddha sightseeing tips on Buddha Birthday Holiday

Big Buddha close up

Sightseeing tips at Ngong Ping Big Buddha on Buddha’s Birthday Today (19 May 2021) is Buddha’s 2565th birthday!   If you want to say happy birthday to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in Hong Kong today and in the future, please read Frank the tour guide’s post with sightseeing tips for you…   Hong…

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The Londoner Macau is another European element for Little Europe, Macau

Macau's European elements

The Londoner adds another European element to Little Europe, Macau Macau has beaten the Covid-19 and has reopened the internal border with Mainland China. Sands China’s the Londoner Macau integrated resort is going to open on 8 February 2021 to welcome the Mainland Chinese visitors during Chinese New Year holidays. The Londoner is another European…

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2020 is the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List

Macau Na Tcha Temple and Old City Wall Macau full day private car tour start at Hong Kong-COLLAGE

Macau celebrates the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List in 2020 In 2005, the UNESCO acknowledged 22 buildings and 8 squares in Macau to be world heritage buildings.   2020 is the 15th anniversary for this big event for Macau. This is Macau SAR Government promotion video….

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The beginning of Autumn is not for the whole China

Print screen photo of Hong Kong Observatory

Lunar calendar may not show the situation of South China Today is the “Beginning of Autumn” in the Chinese Lunar calendar. You may view the video for “Beginning of Autumn”… The weather of fall should be dry and cool. However, today Hong Kong’s weather is hot and wet. Temperature is about 30°C. Relative humidity is about…

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Pros and cons for Hong Kong’s weather in July and Frank’s solution for travelers

Sunny weather of July in Hong Kong

July hot weather’s pros and cons for travelers and Frank’s private car tour solution  July is the beginning of the summer holiday. For Frank’s city Hong Kong SAR, July is the month with hottest weather and longest average sunshine duration.   July’s average temperature is about 29°C (i.e. 84.2℉)! July’s average sunshine duration is about 212 hours!…

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Small private car tour will thrive after pandemic because smaller is better

Frank the tour guide with male and female clients

Private car tour will thrive after Covid-19 because smaller is better  Cruise industry is hard hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. All cruises once stopped. Some small river cruises planned to resume in August and they were cancelled at last. But one blog post for river cruise just shows the advantages of small cruise.   These…

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Frank the tour guide work report for July 2020

selfie, Frank the tour guide in white T-shirt, bedroom, bird cage

Blog writing gets up steam, doing housework and wait for the dawn for tourism Frank wrote his last work report long time ago in Oct 2018. This is Frank’s new work report for July 2020. Under Covid-19 outbreak and global tourism temporary shutdown, Frank gets up steam to write his blog again.   Frank also…

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12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Cruise passengers should pay attention to 12 things after Covid-19 Change is eternity. Especially after the big event, like Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of big changes have happened and are going to happen. Frank the tour guide shares the blog post of to show cruisers what 12 things they should pay attention to after…

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Let’s read Hong Kong Chapter of Book of World together after Covid-19

St Augustine quotation

Frank shares what St Augustine said for travelers and shows his concern about the world under Covid-19  Frank the tour guide agrees with St Augustine. Frank even believes the world is a tome!   If you travel more, you can see different people, cultures, religions, languages, social systems etc. Personally you learn more different knowledge….

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You get your money’s worth from comprehensive Dim sum platter and Frank’s all inclusive private car tour

dim sum platter big bun, crystal cake, dumplings

Make good use of your money by ordering dim sum platter and Frank’s all inclusive private car tour The all inclusive Frank the tour guide’s private car tour looks like the comprehensive and delicious dim sum platter. You can find something good and necessary in Frank’s private car tour and dim sum platter.   One…

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