12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19

Cruise passengers should pay attention to 12 things after Covid-19

Change is eternity.

Especially after the big event, like Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of big changes have happened and are going to happen.

Frank the tour guide shares the blog post of Eatsleepcruise.com to show cruisers what 12 things they should pay attention to after the pandemic.

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Cruisers will cruise again but lots of changes will happen to your cruise holiday.


Frank is going to adapt the changes with cruisers together.

Hope the changes have more pros and less cons.

List for 12 things cruisers need to take notice and Frank’s comments

1. Not All Ships Will Sail Right Away After the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: This is normal. Things, like number of cruisers, get back to normal step by step only. Cruise companies, like TUI’s Mein Schiff 2, may have something like the test run. Also cruise companies, like Holland America, have sold some of their ships to others or even have decommissioned some old cruises, like Carnival.)

2. Vessels Will Not Be Full Following the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: Mein Schiff 2 first sail after Covid-19 limits occupancy to 60% and has only 1,200 cruisers. This should be a good news to cruisers. The ship will not be too crowded. It is good to prevent the spread of virus too.)

two people, sunset, ship deck

Fewer people is always nicer.


3. Itineraries May Be Altered Due to the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: Good “planning” is important. Situation is ever changing. It is good to make changes immediately to prevent the risk.)

4. Cruise Lines Will Allow You to Cancel Last Minute

(Frank’s comments: This is good. This gives more confidence and flexibility to cruisers.)

5. You Won’t Be Able to Arrive Early at the Terminal

(Frank’s comments: Cruisers check in online and follow the assigned boarding time can largely reduce the number of cruisers waiting at the same area at the same time. Frank’s pre-cruise shore excursion‘s start time, end time and duration will be more flexible to adapt the changes with cruisers.)

cruise ship, sunny day, crowds waiting taxi, crowds waiting for pick up

Crowds on the embarkation day or port day at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal


6. You Will Have Your Temperature Checked…A lot

(Frank’s comments: This is the new normal. It is easy to adapt. Take off your hat for a second is ok!)

checking temperature, woman with blonde hair wearing mask

Checking temperature becomes the new normal after Covid-19.


7. Increased Sanitation Throughout the Ship

(Frank’s comments: Although cleaners may have more works to do, this is important and good to cruisers and crew members.)

white protective vet, blue plastic glove, cloth, cleaning

More cleaning, more confidence


8. Dining Rooms Will be Reconfigured When Taking a Cruise After the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: With enough social distancing inside the restaurants, dining should be safe.)

long table, different dishes, diners

Dining culture inside cruise will have big changes.


9. You Will Need to Social Distance When Taking a Cruise After the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: This is also the new normal or the old normal. Studies show that most individuals maintain a smaller interpersonal distance for friends than for strangers. That’s why cruisers like to book their own private shore excursion, instead of taking the shore excursion by big tour bus arranged by the cruise.)

10. Some Events Will Be Modified or Cancelled

(Frank’s comments: This is a good way to prevent the spread of virus. Hope this change will not restrict cruisers to choose their own private shore excursion from other service providers.)

11. Crew Will Be Wearing Protective Equipment After the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: Mask is good protection.)

12. You Might Need to Wear a Face Mask When Taking a Cruise After the Pandemic

(Frank’s comments: Protect yourselves and protect others are important.)

You may browse the original post at Eatsleepcruise.com for details.

Frank the tour guide adapts the changes with cruisers together after Covid-19

To make life easier, we need to embrace the changes.

Frank is going to adapt the changes together with cruisers after pandemic.

However, one thing will have no change.

Frank is going to provide easy Hong Kong private shore excursion service to cruisers as usual.

See you later in Hong Kong!

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12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19
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12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19
Cruise passengers should pay attention to 12 things after Covid-19
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