The vanished scenes of Tai O

See sunset and stilt houses at Tai O fishing village

Tai O’s disappeared scenes Tai O fishing village on Lantau Island has a long history. It was once one of the four largest fishing villages in Hong Kong.   A local Chinese guidebook of the 1930s, “The Grand Sights of the New Territories” recorded the condition of Tai O in detail.   Today Tai O…

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7 possible changes flight passengers should prepare after Covid-19 pandemic

See Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai Bridge, sunset and flight takes off during Tai O to Tung Chung Ferry ride

Flight passengers should prepare for the 7 possible changes Most international flights are cancelled during the Covid-19 outbreak. People wonder what possible changes they will experience when flight service resumes. Frank the tour guide reads Aviation Voice’s post to share its 7 possible changes for airport, flying and exit and entry happen after Covid-19 pandemic.  …

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Mein Schiff 2 first new voyage can be the role model for other cruises after Covid-19

Mein Schiff 2

Mein Schiff 2 new sail becomes the role model of other cruises after pandemic Mein Schiff 2 (My Ship 2) first voyage with more than 1000 cruisers should be the good news for cruisers, cruise companies and tourism industry.   Frank summarizes different information from a lot of passages to write this post for this…

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Stamp mosaic shows Hong Kong amazing view in General Post Office

Mosaic in General Post Office shows Hong Kong amazing view made by stamps

Don’t miss stamp mosaic for Hong Kong Harbour view in General Post Office Next time when you buy stamps and mail your post cards at Central’s General Post Office, please go to see the interesting and beautiful stamp mosaic.   The mosaic for celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of establishment of Hong Kong Post is actually…

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Short video about the fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art

Sampan boat, fisherman rowing paddle

Frank’s short video about fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art China trade art was produced by Western painters and local Chinese painters. They captured the life, customs and landscapes of Pearl River Delta in southern part of China in the 18th and 19th century to cater the British, European and…

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See traditional Chinese Culture at beautiful Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong

golden pavilion, red wooden bridge, trees, rocks, high rise buildings, blue sky, white cloud

See traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong at Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong is the international financial center. But you can still find the traditional Chinese cultural elements in Hong Kong. That is the Nan Lian Garden.   Although it was only built in 1998, the garden shows you the traditional wooden architecture, gardening and…

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12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Cruise passengers should pay attention to 12 things after Covid-19 Change is eternity. Especially after the big event, like Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of big changes have happened and are going to happen. Frank the tour guide shares the blog post of to show cruisers what 12 things they should pay attention to after…

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Let’s read Hong Kong Chapter of Book of World together after Covid-19

St Augustine quotation

Frank shares what St Augustine said for travelers and shows his concern about the world under Covid-19  Frank the tour guide agrees with St Augustine. Frank even believes the world is a tome!   If you travel more, you can see different people, cultures, religions, languages, social systems etc. Personally you learn more different knowledge….

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Frank the tour guide waits for your flight’s beautiful contrail at Hong Kong

cloud, contrail, two buildings

Frank sees aeroplane’s contrail and misses all travelers during Covid-19 outbreak Hong Kong tourism reaches the low ebb after the year long Minneapolis-style riot. It comes to a complete standstill after the world wide Covid-19 outbreak. Flights go back and forth Hong Kong International Airport reduce to the minimum. Frank the tour guide suddenly sees…

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