Frank the tour guide work report for July 2020

Blog writing gets up steam, doing housework and wait for the dawn for tourism

Frank wrote his last work report long time ago in Oct 2018.

This is Frank’s new work report for July 2020.

Under Covid-19 outbreak and global tourism temporary shutdown, Frank gets up steam to write his blog again.

selfie, Frank the tour guide in white T-shirt, bedroom, bird cage

Frank’s selfie during blog writing.


Frank also does more housework to share his parents’ burden.

At last Frank keeps his positive mind to wait for the dawn for tourism.

He really believes everything can get back to normal soon!

Frank’s blog writing in full swing

Frank uses his free time under Covid-19 and temporary tourism shutdown to write his blog at Easy Hong Kong Private Tour website again.

Now Frank’s blog writing is in full swing.

A web page, three blog posts

Blog of Frank the tour guide at Easy Hong Kong Private Tour.


Frank has prepared a lot for his blog writing.

First, he has broken through the besiege of laziness and make himself busy.

Second, he has tested and fine-tuned the schedule and categories of the blog for many times.

Third, he has prepared a lot of materials for blog writing.

For example, in Frank’s Google Photos App, Frank has about 27,000 items, including photos, collages, movies.

Frank can use items on the Cloud to create a lot of different blog posts to share his personal life, Hong Kong travel tips, something about his motherland China and promote his own private car tour service to travelers.

In the near future, Frank may even sing songs and make some micro movies to make his blog more interesting and entertain the readers! Who knows?

You may browse Frank’s posts through the link here.

It is not good to just sit in front of the laptop to write blog posts.

So Frank helps parents to do housework.

Do housework, maintenance work and shopping food

Apart from blog writing, Frank does housework for his parents.

Frank hopes he can share his parents’ burden.

At home, he helps his father to add lubricant WD-40 to the joints of the windows, clean the fans and wash dust screen of AC.

At market, he helps his mother to buy food.

Packaged bread, kitchen,

Frank shops at a bakery outlet with discounted bread and biscuit.


Frank hopes he can share his housework experience with travelers and clients in the future.

He does think that people will travel again after Covid-19 and just wait for the dawn for tourism.

Wait for the dawn for tourism, say bye bye to Covid-19, say hello to travelers 

The whole world is hard hit by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Tourism is completely shut down.

But Frank is positive and he believes if nations and people do the right things together, people can defeat the virus and the pandemic will end eventually.

Tourism will resume and thrive again.

So he is waiting for the dawn for tourism patiently.

Frank with different clients

Frank waits for the clients to come back to Hong Kong patiently.


When we say goodbye to Covid-19, we can say hello to travelers again.

Frank and his easy private car tour will wait for clients in Hong Kong.

Hope everything can return to normal soon!

Good bye, good health, good luck!

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Frank the tour guide work report for July 2020
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Frank the tour guide work report for July 2020
Blog writing gets up steam, doing housework and wait for the dawn for tourism
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