Layover travelers’ FAQ: What is the closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport? Big Buddha!

The closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport is Big Buddha

The closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport is Big Buddha Normally a lot of layover travelers want to take the chance to go sightseeing when they have the Hong Kong layover.   As they are not familiar with Hong Kong, they may just want to visit the highlight near the Hong Kong Airport when they…

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Layover travelers shouldn’t just stay at Hong Kong Airport

Layover travelers should take the chance to see Hong Kong  Hong Kong is eager to keep the status as the international aviation hub.   So Hong Kong Airport builds the third runway. The ceremony for the completion of third runway pavement was on 7 September 2021!  When everything can get back to normalcy after…

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How should layover travelers choose Hong Kong’s airport hotel?

Convenience is important for layover travelers.

How to choose airport hotel for your Hong Kong layover Normally Hong Kong Airport is the international aviation hub.   A lot of layover travelers need to choose their airport hotel in Hong Kong for their stopover. Frank the tour guide thinks that If you are the layover travelers, who love convenience, you should choose…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for layover travelers?

Best Hong Kong attraction for layover travelers is Big Buddha

Best Hong Kong attraction for layover travelers is Big Buddha Normally a lot of travelers have their layovers at the convenient Hong Kong Airport.   If they have a 6 hours or longer stopover at Hong Kong, mostly they want to go sightseeing quickly. Big Buddha should be the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for…

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Hong Kong City Hall and Frank the tour guide

Frank the tour guide and Hong Kong City Hall

Frank the tour guide’s stories with Hong Kong City Hall When Frank the tour guide prepares the new blog post, Frank finds out that the ground-breaking ceremony of Hong Kong City Hall in Central was on 25 Feb 1960.   Actually Hong Kong City Hall is related to Frank the tour guide’s study, career and…

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How would Hong Kong citizens identify themselves?

China flag, Hong Kong SAR flag, British flag, Victoria Harbor

Complicated identity issue for Hong Kong citizens As a former British colony and Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong citizens’ identity is a complicated and sensitive issue.   A lot of Western travelers are interested in How Hong Kong citizens would identify themselves. Made in Hong Kong Chinese, Frank the tour guide, is going…

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Frank plans NEW TOURS in NEW YEAR 2021 for clients

Big Buddha, Monster Building, Wah Fu Estate, sunset, Nan Lian Garden

Frank the tour guide plans new private tours for clients in 2021 At the beginning of the new year 2021, Frank the tour guide plans two new private tour itineraries for clients.   Frank first groups Hong Kong’s most popular highlights in one Hong Kong Kowloon Lantau full day private car tour. This tour aims…

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Frank the tour guide cures your wanderlust by his landing at Hong Kong Airport video

A380 landing Hong Kong Airport From Sky Deck

Frank’s landing at Hong Kong Airport video cures your wanderlust  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people cannot travel by planes now. Frank the tour guide just makes a video about landing at Hong Kong Airport with good scenery to try tocure your wanderlust. Frank took the videos at the end of his 2018 North…

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Frank reports Hong Kong International Airport’s new accreditation and suggests travelers to use it for layover after pandemic

Selfie of Frank in Ngong Ping Cable Car cabin, Hong Kong Airport as the backdrop

Frank’s bird-eye view video shows Hong Kong Airport’s new accreditation and urges travelers to use it for layover This post shares Frank the tour guide’s aerial view video for the Hong Kong International Airport from Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. In his video, Frank reports that Hong Kong Airport has just been accredited by the…

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Travelers can plan a Bali holiday with Hong Kong stopover as Bali reopens on 11 September 2020

Bali holiday with Hong Kong stopover

As Bali reopens on 11 September, travelers may plan their Bali trip with Hong Kong layover tour Latest UPDATE: Bali’s reopening will be postponed to 2021… After the reopening of Maldives, another holiday hotspot for sun and beach, Bali, is going to reopen on 11 September 2020. Although there are still a lot of restrictions…

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