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See cute pandas to get happiness and learn life wisdom during and after pandemic

Photo collage for Macau pandas

Cute pandas help people to get happiness and learn life wisdom amid and after pandemic A lot of people are unhappy amid the pandemic. The cute pandas can allay people’s depression by their funny appearance and gestures.   People can also learn from pandas’ simple life wisdom to become easier and happier. Now people can…

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Different solutions for sleeping cat’s and travelers’ pain point in hot summer of Hong Kong

Sleeping cat in old shop in Hong Kong

Sleeping cat’s and travelers’ same pain point and different solutions in hot summer in Hong Kong The cute sleeping cat and happy travelers actually face the same pain point in summer in Hong Kong. Cat and travelers face the same hot weather, high relative humidity and burning sun from May to September. Cat’s clever and…

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Frank the tour guide waits for your flight’s beautiful contrail at Hong Kong

cloud, contrail, two buildings

Frank sees aeroplane’s contrail and misses all travelers during Covid-19 outbreak Hong Kong tourism reaches the low ebb after the year long Minneapolis-style riot. It comes to a complete standstill after the world wide Covid-19 outbreak. Flights go back and forth Hong Kong International Airport reduce to the minimum. Frank the tour guide suddenly sees…

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Hong Kong SAR Government really gives $10,000 cash to citizens!

golden towel look like 1000 Hong Kong dollar note

Hong Kong SAR Government $10,000 dollars cash payout for citizens is ready Hong Kong SAR Government really gives Hong Kong citizens $10,000 cash through cash payout scheme. Apart from buying the $1,000 dollar note “towel” at Fa Yuen Street Market, citizens can use the $10,000 dollars and other government aids on shopping and dining to…

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Tsing Ma Bridge and Frank’s private car tour always welcome travelers

blue sky, white cloud, suspension bridge, sea, islands, ship

Tsing Ma Bridge and Frank the tour guide’s private car tour serve travelers yesterday, today and tomorrow The construction for Hong Kong’s icon, Tsing Ma Bridge, was finished in May 1997, just before the historic handover back to People’s Republic of China in July 1997.   The 2.2km long cable-suspension bridge with two stories is…

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