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Plover Cove Reservoir, which originated from a boat trip, was inaugurated on 20 January 1969

lover Cove Reservoir was inaugurated on 20 Jan 1969.

The great Plover Cove Reservoir is the first reservoir built in the sea On 20 January 1969, Plover Cove Reservoir, the second largest reservoir in Hong Kong, was inaugurated.   The inauguration ceremony showed the once strange idea of the Director of Water Supplies, which was conceived during his boat trip, was realized. Frank the…

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On 30 Dec 1977, HSBC announced the issuance of 1000 Hong Kong Dollar note…

golden towel look like 1000 Hong Kong dollar note

HSBC announced the issuance of the “Gold Cow”, 1000 dollar note, on 30 Dec 1977… Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) announced its issuance of 1000 Hong Kong Dollar note on 30 Dec 1977.   As the 1000 dollar note is in bright gold color, Hong Kong citizens call the note as the “Gold Cow”….

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Where did Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito go during his Hong Kong special private tour in 1921?

Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito visited Repulse Bay, Green Island, Stanley and Tai Tam Reservoir in Hong Kong in 1921.

Hirohito visited Hong Kong’s highlights and hidden gems during his special private tour in 1921 When Emperor Hirohito was just the Japanese Crown Prince in 1921, he once visited Hong Kong on his way to London.   Made in England Hong Kong Governor Stubbs became the temporary private tour guide to offer Great Britain’s VIP…

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The construction of HSBC Main Building, which has two prevalent tales, was finished on 18 Nov 1985…

HSBC Main Building

Skyscraper HSBC Main Building, which has two prevalent tales, was finished on 18 Nov 1985 The construction of HSBC Main Building at No 1 Queen’s Road Central was finished on 18 Nov 1985.   Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) spent about 5 billion to build its new headquarters. This once dearest skyscraper in the…

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A photo as the epitome of Hong Kong public housing history

See public housing history of Hong Kong at Shek Kip Mei's Heritage of Mei Ho House (on the left of the photos)

A photo as Hong Kong government housing development epitome  This photo shows you Shek Kip Mei Area in Kowloon.   As the photo can show different generations of public housing, it is actually the epitome of Hong Kong public housing history. This post is going to show you the details. If you want to see…

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Big fire accident broke out in Jumbo Floating Restaurant on 30 October 1971

On 30 October 1971, a big fire accident happened on Jumbo Floating Restaurant   Jumbo Floating Restaurant at Aberdeen Hong Kong was destroyed by a big fire accident on 30 October 1971.   Although the video is in Chinese, you can see how serious the situation was… Luckily Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho built a new…

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Former Kai Tak Airport’s new 13/31 runway, which is now the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, opened on 12 September in 1958

Art shows aeroplane's scaring but interesting landing on Kai Tak Airport runway

Ex-Kai Tak Airport’s famous runway opened on 12 September 1958 Former Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport’s new 13/31 runway opened on 12 September 1958. Experienced pilots took the risk to take off and land on this runway everyday up till 1998 when they got a safer, longer and newer runway at the new Hong Kong…

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Hong Kong General Post Office opens today 11 August in 1976

General Post Office and Hong Kong Eye ferries wheel

General Post Office opened on 11 August 1976 Hong Kong General Post Office in Central of Hong Kong Island opened on 11 August 1976. It always correlates to the property development and land reclamation of Hong Kong.   The once seaward General Post Office is now waiting for redevelopment. Frank the tour guide is eager…

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