5 methods to prevent motion sickness during private car tour

5 Tips to prevent motion sickness during private car tour

JohnnyJet.com has a post with 5 tips to prevent motion sickness on road trip.

Frank the tour guide shares the tips and his comments here as he finds the tips are also useful for his private car tour clients.


Driver’s safe driving helps clients to prevent motion sickness during Frank’s private car tour service.


Actually Frank did not meet too much clients with motion sickness during his private car tour service.

Apart from clients’ own motion sickness-proof bodies, Frank’s comfortable Toyota Alphard MPV and driver’s safe driving should be the reasons for that.

5 Tips to prevent motion sickness and Frank the tour guide’s comments

1 Sit in the front seat…

Frank’s comments: Sit in the front seat should be a good way to prevent motion sickness as Frank remembers that two clients, who were afraid of motion sickness, chose to sit in the front seat during the private car tour. At last they had no problem and enjoyed the private car tour.

Toyota Alphard back seats

If there are clients sit at the back seats of the car, driver will drive more carefully to keep the all clients’ comfort during private tour.


2 Don’t read and watch a movie…

Frank’s comments: Apart from preventing motion sickness, this method can save your valuable sightseeing time. You pay tour fee to Frank the tour guide to have the private car tour. You should focus on sightseeing and Frank’s tour commentary. You can read and watch a movie in the hotel room and at home!

Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam

Don’t miss good view of Hong Kong during Frank’s private car tour because you watch YouTube video!


3 Eat or drink ginger…

Frank’s comments: This is a good way to prevent and cure motion sickness. Ginger snacks are tasty too.

4 Try essential oils…

Frank’s comments: To locals, they use the Tiger Balm or White Flower Oil to prevent or cure motion sickness. Please consult your doctor before using essential oils. As Frank is only the tour guide and not the professional doctor, Frank is not able to provide you the therapy for motion sickness. But Frank’s safe driver can help…

5 Drive?

Frank’s comments: Driving should be similar to sitting in the front seat. By concentrating on the road, you forget motion sickness. However, as you are the VIPs of Frank the tour guide, Frank has arranged the good driver to serve you. You don’t need to drive by yourselves in Hong Kong. You can just relax and enjoy the private car tour service just for you!

Toyota Alphard 8-seater car for private tour

As Frank the tour guide’s VIP, you are no need to drive. You just enjoy your easy Hong Kong private tour in the Toyota Alphard 8-seater car.


Please read the good review for the car and driver…

5?made our tour even more special…

Margaret Miller (Toursbylocals) from the US
25 Jan 2016
5?Review: Frank was very knowledgeable, friendly, easy going, informative and not bothered at all by all my questions. He is exceptional with dates and history which made our tour even more special. We would highly recommend him AND the driver Ringo had a beautiful car that looked brand new and very comfortable. Overall A+!!! (Browse private tour page)
Frank’s response: Thank you for your 5-star and A+ praise, Margaret! Round Hong Kong Island full day limousine tour is our unique private tour programme. Travelers can go around the Hong Kong Island to visit the famous highlights and hidden gems by the private car easily. (Message Frank to plan YOUR private tour)

For the details of the 5 tips, please browse JohnnyJet.com’s post.

Please consider Frank’s easy private tour by comfortable and safe private car 

Please consider to have Frank the tour guide’s easy Hong Kong private car tour.

Frank arranges the comfortable Toyota Alphard van with a safe driver to serve you.

See you in Hong Kong!

Victoria Harbour view from the Victoria Peak June 2017

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Macau St-Pauls-Ruins visitors

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5 methods to prevent motion sickness during private car tour
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