Solo travelers’ FAQ: Does your tour charge solo traveler extra? NO!

Solo travelers enjoy the freedom of traveling solo, but dislike the extra payment for solo travelers.

Easy Hong Kong private tour doesn’t charge solo traveler extra   Solo travelers like the freedom of traveling solo. But they may still need to pay extra to book some tour products as they are traveling alone.   Solo travelers’ frequently asked question (FAQ) in the email to Frank the tour guide is: Does your Hong…

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Where should solo travelers stay in Hong Kong?

Solo travelers should stay in hotels in Jordan Kowloon

Solo travelers should stay in hotels at Jordan Kowloon Solo travelers like hotels, which are quiet, convenient and offer good value for money. So solo travelers can enjoy being alone. Frank the tour guide thinks hotels at Jordan Area Kowloon are suitable to the solo travelers during their Hong Kong trips.   In Jordan Area,…

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