How to say soda, butter toast, egg sandwich in Cantonese and what do they stand for now?

Soda, butter toast, egg sandwich

汽hei3水seo2油jau4多do1蛋daan2治zi6 can imply petrol bomb A lot of visitors want to enjoy local delicacies at Hong Kong’s fast food shops and tea cafés to experience the local dining culture. The main difficulty for visitors to do so is they don’t know how to call the food names in Cantonese. Frank the tour guide is going…

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HongKongers benefit the world by wanderlust, instead of social movement tactics or Molotov Cocktail

Crowds buying suitcase

Hong Kongers’ big impact and good effect to the world In 2019, Hong Kong had the so-called Anti-extradition law revision protest and the ensued riot. It has big impact to the world. For example, people do learn from the international city’s recent history to organize the social movement in the USA. The online propaganda and…

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