Differences between the four animals on Dragon and Lion Dance Special Stamps

Stamps for lion dance, pixiu dance, unicorn dance and dragon dance

Differences between dragon, lion, unicorn & pixiu The special stamps for “Intangible Cultural Heritage – Dragon & Lion Dance” of Hong Kong Post show four Chinese mascots, lion, dragon, unicorn and pixiu.   As they look so much alike, a lot of Western visitors cannot tell them apart. Frank the tour guide is going to show…

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Through Hong Kong Post’s special stamp, look back the year-long battle against Covid-19

Hong Kong Post's special stamps for fighting Covid-19

Look back Hong Kong’s fight against Covid-19 through special stamp Hong Kong Post issues the special stamps to honor the diligent medical staff and thank Chinese Central Government for supporting Hong Kong SAR’s fight against the year-long Covid-19 pandemic.   The special stamps inspire Frank the tour guide to look back Hong Kong’s long battle…

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Hong Kong Post stamp shows you Victoria Harbor in 1962 and 2020

Hong Kong Past and Present Series Victoria Harbor special stamps

Hong Kong Post issued “Hong Kong Past and Present Series: Victoria Harbor” stamps Hong Kong Post issued stamp product “Hong Kong Past and Present Series: Victoria Harbor” in late September 2020.   The special stamps show the great view of Victoria Harbor in 1962 and in 2020. Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor changes a lot in…

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