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YOU make good use of YOUR time

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Frank arranged everything in a well organized fashion. So we accomplish a lot just on the first day of the trip.

Frank was the very BEST guide! He had our morning to Lantau Island planned & timed perfectly.

Frank knew the perfect times to see each sight to beat the crowds and get the most out of our time.

Frank was a very good guide. Showed us a lot of interesting places for the short time we allotted him.  JERRY FREIDBERG

Choose YOUR private car tour

Easy Hong Kong Private Tour helps YOU to make good use of YOUR time

Frank’s Easy Hong Kong Private Tour purely offers private tour by private car and private bus in Hong Kong and Macau. This helps Frank and his tour guide friends to make good use of clients’ valuable time!

Your private tour includes private vehicle, i.e. Toyota Alphard with driver Ringo and private bus with driver in Hong Kong and Toyota Noah with driver Lee in Macau.

Driver is YOUR Chief Transport Officer (CTO)!

When the driver is driving YOU someplace, YOU are driving YOUR trip to a better place!

YOU make good use of YOUR time by Frank’s private car tour

Efficient private vehicle with experienced driver and good tour program keep a good timing for YOU. YOU can beat the crowds and save valuable sightseeing time!

The efficient and comfortable private vehicle offers YOU ‘door to door’ service between the sightseeing points to save YOUR valuable time and energy during YOUR private car tour.

With a reliable driver, Frank and his tour guide friends focus on introducing the city to YOU, instead of finding the right way.

The trusted driver keeps your safety on the scenic drive. YOU get the important privacy, go more places, see more scenery and experience more local culture in Hong Kong and Macau in the most relaxed way!

Book Frank’s easy private car tour to make better use of YOUR valuable time

To make better use of YOUR valuable sightseeing time in Hong Kong and Macau, please search and book Frank’s Hong Kong or Macau private car tour.

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