Parents’ FAQ: Can my family do Hong Kong sightseeing tour and go to amusement park easily in one day? YES!

Families can have Hong Kong private tour and visit amusement park in one day Apart from catering their children’s needs and wants, most parents want to keep some time for sightseeing during the family trips. So when parents sent email to Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour service, they…

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Parents should minimize waiting in lines when traveling with kids

Minimizing waiting can make your Hong Kong family trip happier.

Not minimizing waiting in lines is common mistake for traveling parents with kids Kids love family trips. If parents can avoid the common mistake, not minimizing standing in lines, the family trips can be happier! People have limited patience, especially for kids. When kids need to wait in long line in a hot and boring…

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Where should big families stay in Hong Kong?

Big families should stay in hotels at Mong Kok.

Big families should stay in hotels at Mong Kok Before the family trips, most big families look for the convenient hotels with good value for money. Frank the tour guide thinks that big families should choose the hotels in Mong Kok Kowloon during their Hong Kong trips.   The hotels in Mong Kok are mostly…

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