Solo travelers don’t need to order too much food in Hong Kong’s restaurants

Ordering too much food is solo travelers' common mistake. 

Ordering too much food is solo travelers’ common mistake  Tasting authentic local food is the must-do activity when solo travelers TIY (tour it yourselves) Hong Kong. However, as the single diners, solo travelers often make the common mistake at Hong Kong’s local dim sum restaurants, ordering too much food.   The restaurant managers and waiters…

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Where should solo travelers stay in Hong Kong?

Solo travelers should stay in hotels in Jordan Kowloon

Solo travelers should stay in hotels at Jordan Kowloon Solo travelers like hotels, which are quiet, convenient and offer good value for money. So solo travelers can enjoy being alone. Frank the tour guide thinks hotels at Jordan Area Kowloon are suitable to the solo travelers during their Hong Kong trips.   In Jordan Area,…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for solo travelers?

Archway inside Wong Tai Sin Temple

Best Hong Kong attraction for solo travelers is Wong Tai Sin Temple Solo travelers want to experience your destinations’ local culture freely and easily. For solo travelers’ Hong Kong trip, Wong Tai Sin Temple is the best sightseeing point.   Solo travelers can experience the local Taoist belief closely in this famous, crowded and smoky…

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