5 pro travel packing tips

5 pro travel packing tips Thank you to Eliza Brooks <eliza@linkbytes.net> for this guest blog. She is a recent graduate,  marketing intern, passionate blogger and frequent traveler.  Nothing beats the feeling of having to take out your favorite luggage, duffel, or backpack for an exciting trip.   But a lot of people still haven’t figured out…

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5 reasons why travelers waste the valuable time

William Penn's saying...

Share 5 reasons why travelers lose the valuable time and solution for travelers in Hong Kong Founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, said that people do want to have more time, but people finally waste a lot of time.   This is particularly common when people travel. Frank the tour guide is going to analyze the…

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Let’s learn Chinese character “旅” (Brigade or Travel) and why private tour is prevailing

Travel's Chinese character

From brigade to travel, from big group tour to private car tour Chinese character “旅” (pronounces as “leoi” in Cantonese Dialect) has a military background.   It shows a 500 soldiers brigade following the army flag to have the expedition.   This looks like an old style sightseeing tour, which the regimented tourist group follows…

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