5 reasons why travelers waste the valuable time

Share 5 reasons why travelers lose the valuable time and solution for travelers in Hong Kong

Founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, said that people do want to have more time, but people finally waste a lot of time.

William Penn's saying...

William Penn’s saying…


This is particularly common when people travel.

Frank the tour guide is going to analyze the 5 reasons why people lose their valuable time during their trips, no workable plan, wrong sequence for things-to-do, poor distribution of time, greed and distraction.

Frank’s well-planned Hong Kong private car tour programme is travelers’ solution to use the valuable time efficiently and wisely.

Please watch the video to get the details of Frank’s tour and read the analysis for why travelers lose valuable time…

No workable plan, wrong sequence for things-to-do, poor distribution of time, greed and distraction cause travelers to lose time

Without a workable travel plan, travelers have no idea for what to do at the destination and needless to say how to do.

If travelers use their time carelessly, they just waste their time.

For example, it is too late to check the map or ask Google when travelers have gotten lost on the road.

Planning for the tour, Google map

Frank the tour guide has planned everything for clients!


When travelers’ to-do-list has a wrong sequence, travelers’ schedule will be upset and time will be wasted.

If due to the big crowds in the morning travelers wait in line for a long time at an attraction, travelers’ things-to-do in the afternoon and mood will be affected.

Crowds waiting for Peak Tram and Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Annoying crowds waiting for the Peak Tram (bottom) and Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car (top).



Travelers’ poor distribution of their time makes them lose the balance on things-to-do.

For example, if travelers spend too much time on shopping during a tour, travelers’ sightseeing time would be squeezed.

Travelers’ greed, i.e. want to do too much things in a short period time, cause travelers to waste their time finally.

For example, if travelers try to do all the highlights of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula in the same morning or 4 hours, travelers would not get too much at the end because they spend too much time on traffic.

Distractions, phone calls, emails, YouTube etc., lower the quality of the sightseeing time.


The content in your smart phone may waste your valuable sightseeing time during your trip.


For example, if travelers keep on using their phone during the tour, travelers would miss the scenery and tour guide’s commentary.

The loss time is even irretrievable.

Solution for travelers to use the valuable sightseeing time efficiently, Frank’s well-planned private car tour

Travelers’ solution to use the valuable sightseeing time efficiently and wisely is Frank the tour guide’s well-designed Hong Kong private car tour.

Frank the tour guide with male and female clients

Small private tour is better. Frank takes photos with different small group clients.


The well-planned tour programme is actually the workable travel plan, which helps clients to beat the crowds and keep the good timing.

The tour programme has good balance on sightseeing, dining and free time.

The included private car with driver offers door to door transfer service between different sightseeing points.


Private car with reliable driver is vital to YOUR easy and enjoyable tour experience.


Clients can relax and listen to the tour commentary in the comfortable private car.

Clients can keep the important privacy, visit more places, see more scenery and experience more local culture in the most relaxed way!

Frank hopes he can serve you in 2021!

Victoria Harbour view from the Victoria Peak June 2017

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Macau St-Pauls-Ruins visitors

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5 reasons why travelers waste the valuable time
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5 reasons why travelers waste the valuable time
Share 5 reasons why travelers lose the valuable time. Solution for travelers to save time in Hong Kong is Frank the tour guide's private car tour service.
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