Frank the tour guide work report for March 2021

Frank the tour guide’s blog gets first guest post Frank the tour guide gets a helper for blogging in March 2021.   Recent graduate, marketing intern, passionate blogger and frequent traveler, Eliza Brooks, contributes the first guest post at Frank’s Easy Hong Kong Private Tour blog. Frank thanks Eliza’s contribution, which lightens Frank’s workload. If other…

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Check Hong Kong weather information for tourists before TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves

Hong Kong weather information for tourists page in Hong Kong Observatory website

Hong Kong Observatory’s weather information for visitors It is important for every visitors to check the weather before TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Everyone is equal before the weather! Even VIP visitors faced the annoying weather problems during their Hong Kong trip (For VIPs’ weather problems, please browse Frank’s another post). Hong Kong Observatory has…

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Did all VIPs get good weather during their Hong Kong visits?

Victoria harbor clear view, foggy view, Grant, Connaught, Zaifeng, Chaplin

Everyone is equal before the weather! All travelers want to meet pleasant weather during their trips. Travelers like enough sunshine, mild temperature and high visibility at their destinations.   Some clients once asked Frank the tour guide whether the VIPs got good weather or not when they visited Hong Kong.   Frank is going to…

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What authentic local food can travelers eat to keep warm in Hong Kong?

5 authentic local food for travelers to keep warm in Hong Kong

5 authentic local food for travelers to keep warm in Hong Kong Hong Kong is very cold in this winter. For Hong Kong Observatory’s forecast and explanation, please browse Frank’s old post. Although Hong Kong’s very cold weather won’t last for too long, travelers may still meet this special local Hong Kong experience during the…

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Where can travelers find the toilets in Hong Kong?

Washroom sign in Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Where should travelers go when they want a toilet in Hong Kong? Toilet is important for everyone. Finding toilet often is the pain point for travelers.   As travelers are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, it may be difficult for travelers to find the toilets, especially when travelers TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Made in Hong…

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5 reasons why travelers waste the valuable time

William Penn's saying...

Share 5 reasons why travelers lose the valuable time and solution for travelers in Hong Kong Founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, said that people do want to have more time, but people finally waste a lot of time.   This is particularly common when people travel. Frank the tour guide is going to analyze the…

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