Travelers four common mistakes in the New Territories

Highlights in the New Territories

Travelers often make 4 mistakes in the New Territories Hong Kong The New Territories is the largest part of Hong Kong SAR. Apart from the city center, travelers should visit this interesting place more.   However, travelers are unfamiliar with the New Territories and often make mistakes there. Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide…

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After visiting Victoria Peak & Big Buddha, where should travelers go in Hong Kong?

TTravelers can visit Sha Tin after sightseeing at Peak & Big Buddha. 

Travelers can visit Sha Tin after sightseeing at Peak & Big Buddha  Most travelers flock to Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak and Big Buddha. Travelers already in Hong Kong always ask where they can go after visiting the must-see sightseeing points. Sha Tin New Town is your good choice!   You can visit the interesting…

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Is this banner the propaganda for Cantonese opera show?

The handsome protagonist

No, it is the anti-telecom fraud propaganda for senior citizens… This is Hong Kong Police’s new anti-telecom fraud propaganda, which targets at the senior citizens.   It uses Cantonese opera music performers to publicize fraud prevention because a lot of senior citizens are the fans of those performers and victims of telecom frauds. The star…

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