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How does Frank the tour guide choose the local restaurants for clients?

How does Frank choose the good restaurant for clients

Frank the tour guide chooses restaurants for clients by two tests and two observations Enjoying local meal is a good way to experience the local culture. This blog post is going to introduce how Frank chooses the local restaurants for clients.   Actually Frank mixes the tasks of choosing restaurants with his own daily life.  …

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6 Hong Kong sightseeing ideas from exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong” for Singapore travelers under new travel bubble and others

Kennedy Town in the past and at present

Get sightseeing ideas from old Hong Kong photo exhibition Frank the tour guide wrote about the permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History is under a 2-year renovation. Actually the museum still opens. There is the lobby exhibition “History Through the Lens: Photographs of Early Hong Kong”.   The exhibition is a good things…

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