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Where should honeymooners stay in Hong Kong?

Honeymooners should stay in hotels in Whampoa Kowloon.

Honeymooners should stay in hotels in Whampoa Kowloon Newly-weds want to stay in romantic, scenic and convenient hotels at the destinations during their honeymoons. Frank the tour guide thinks that the hotels in Whampoa Kowloon are very suitable to the honeymooners traveling to Hong Kong.   Hotels in Whampoa, Harbor Grand Kowloon and Kerry Hotel,…

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Clients’ FAQ: Frank, Can I leave the car during private car tour?

Toyota mini van with polished and shining body for private car tour

Yes, of course clients can leave the car during Frank the tour guide’s private car tour In the emails, quite a lot of clients ask Frank the tour guide, “can I leave the private car during my Hong Kong private car tour?”. That means they think that on a 4-hour or 8-hour private car tour they need to…

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