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Milestone for Ocean Park Hong Kong and Hong Kong Geopark

Milestone for Hong Kong Geopark and Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park and Geopark Hong Kong reach milestone Hong Kong’s Ocean Park and Geopark will reach their milestone.   Ocean Park Hong Kong will open its new facility, Water World, in September 2021. It is the first all weather and year-round waterfront water park in Asia. Its major attraction is the Rainbow Rush, the eight-lane…

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One Country One System? NO! Please see the Hong Kong Dollar

500, 1000 Hong Kong Dollar note 2018 series

Hong Kong Dollar is the clear symbol of the working One Country Two Systems Some Western politicos condemn Chinese act to “destroy one country two systems”. As a common Hong Kong Chinese, Frank the tour guide doesn’t know any politics and international diplomacy. He cannot feel any change for the one country two systems in…

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