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After visiting Victoria Peak & Big Buddha, where should travelers go in Hong Kong?

TTravelers can visit Sha Tin after sightseeing at Peak & Big Buddha. 

Travelers can visit Sha Tin after sightseeing at Peak & Big Buddha  Most travelers flock to Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak and Big Buddha. Travelers already in Hong Kong always ask where they can go after visiting the must-see sightseeing points. Sha Tin New Town is your good choice!   You can visit the interesting…

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Is this banner the propaganda for Cantonese opera show?

The handsome protagonist

No, it is the anti-telecom fraud propaganda for senior citizens… This is Hong Kong Police’s new anti-telecom fraud propaganda, which targets at the senior citizens.   It uses Cantonese opera music performers to publicize fraud prevention because a lot of senior citizens are the fans of those performers and victims of telecom frauds. The star…

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