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Traveling couples shouldn’t try to do everything in Hong Kong

Traveling couples should have reasonable to do list for their Hong Kong trips.

Hectic travel schedule upsets couples’ Hong Kong trips A lot of traveling couples want to do as much as they can at the destinations, especially in the so-called small and convenient Hong Kong. However, trying to do everything is traveling couples’ common mistake, which can largely upset their Hong Kong trips.   Couples’ travel schedule…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for your boss?

The best Hong Kong attraction for your boss is Kam Shan Country Park.

Best Hong Kong attraction for your boss is Kam Shan Country Park Secretaries and assistants often need to recommend the sightseeing points and things-to-do in Hong Kong to their bosses. Secretaries and assistants should choose something far away from the main commercial areas and out of the common tourist track for your bosses.   The…

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Tips for adults for cruising with senior parents

ICC Building, white cruise ship, cruise terminal

Learn the followings before cruising with elderly parents  The dormant cruise industry sees the dawn of revival after the commencement of Covid-19 vaccination programme. The cruise lines are selling the world cruise packages for 2022 and 2023. The grown-up sons and daughters are planning the cruise holidays with their senior parents again.   After reading…

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