New artificial Lung Mei Beach and the sightseeing points nearby

Sightseeing points near the new artificial Long Mei Beach.

Sightseeing points near the new artificial Lung Mei Beach The new Lung Mei Beach in Tai Po New Territories opens today.   It is the second artificial beach in Hong Kong.   It is the first beach in the Tolo Harbor.   This post is going to show the points for sightseeing and leisure near…

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Plover Cove Reservoir, which originated from a boat trip, was inaugurated on 20 January 1969

lover Cove Reservoir was inaugurated on 20 Jan 1969.

The great Plover Cove Reservoir is the first reservoir built in the sea On 20 January 1969, Plover Cove Reservoir, the second largest reservoir in Hong Kong, was inaugurated.   The inauguration ceremony showed the once strange idea of the Director of Water Supplies, which was conceived during his boat trip, was realized. Frank the…

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