Where can travelers see the cute animals in Hong Kong?

Travelers see funny animals at many places in Hong Kong It is good to see the cute animals during your trip.   The funny animals can make the bored young kids excited. The beautiful animals can be the models of the enthusiastic photographers. Frank the tour guide is going to show you where travelers can see…

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Let’s learn Chinese character “休” for rest and see how relaxed Frank the tour guide’s private car tour is

Photo shows you the meaning of Chinese character for rest, a man leans against to a tree to take a rest

The origin of Chinese character “休” (rest) shows Frank the tour guide’s private car tour is very relaxed “休” for rest is a simple Chinese character with a straight forward meaning.   Character “休” pronounces as “jau1″ in Cantonese and “xiū” in Mandarin. The character “休” shows that a man (on the left) leans against…

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