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Can travelers take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street?

Can travelers take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street

Sam Pan Street has attractions nearby, but no sampan boat ride Travelers cannot take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street in Wan Chai now.   When the street was the bank of the artificial lake in the beautiful Spring Garden in the 1940s, its owner Mr. Dent did enjoy boat ride there. Frank the…

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Take KMB bus route No 2 to go back to ancient Han tomb museum from modern Kowloon

KMB bus route No 2

Travelers can TIY, tour Kowloon yourselves, by the time machine KMB bus route No 2 Apart from public ferry, taking public double decker bus is another good way for travelers to TIY, tour it yourselves, in Hong Kong. Frank the tour guide recommends Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) bus route No 2 for travelers to TIY….

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Sham Chun Street, a scene of movie Contagion

Short Sham Chun Street is a scene of a pandemic movie

Short Sham Chun Street is a scene of a pandemic movie Sham Chun Street is a short and old street with a traditional wet market in Mong Kok Kowloon.   It cannot reflect the fast and amazing development of the neighbor of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (“Sham Chun” is actually the old spelling of Shenzhen. It…

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Kowloon’s Shanghai Street was once the bund

Shanghai Street name sign

Shanghai Street was the prosperous bund in the past Shanghai Street is the old and long road in the Kowloon Peninsula.   It was the bund when it was first called Police Station Street before reclamation. The Colonial Government renamed it as Shanghai Street to show Hong Kong’s close trade relationship with the rich Shanghai….

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Interesting back alley names after UK capital, London Lane in Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Island

Hong Kong’s short London Lane is near fishing village but it has no Buckingham Palace Although it is named after the capital city of Great Britain, former British colony Hong Kong’s London Lane on the Ap Lei Chau Island has no Buckingham Palace or Big Ben🤣!   It is only a 30-meter short back alley with only two…

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A short street with a big name, Kowloon Road

Kowloon Road signage

Kowloon Road is NOT the main road of Kowloon Kowloon Peninsula is one of the main regions of Hong Kong SAR. Its main road however is not Kowloon Road (Kowloon’s main road should be Nathan Road!).   Kowloon Road has a big name but it is narrow and its short length is only about 200m….

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