Frank’s “Sunset in Hong Kong” snapshots video

“Sunset in Hong Kong” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Sunset in Hong Kong” video. There are a lot of places for travelers to see the nice sunset at the Western part of Hong Kong. Travelers may go to the remote Northwestern end of Hong Kong, Lau…

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Take KMB bus route No 2 to go back to ancient Han tomb museum from modern Kowloon

KMB bus route No 2

Travelers can TIY, tour Kowloon yourselves, by the time machine KMB bus route No 2 Apart from public ferry, taking public double decker bus is another good way for travelers to TIY, tour it yourselves, in Hong Kong. Frank the tour guide recommends Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) bus route No 2 for travelers to TIY….

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