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Wife’s FAQ: can your car accommodate my tall husband? YES!

Our big Toyota Alphard MPV can accommodate the tall men.

Our big car can accommodate the tall men A lot of wives are responsible to plan the Hong Kong trips. When the wives emailed Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour by private car service, they had a frequently asked question (FAQ), can your car accommodate my tall husband?  …

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What did Frank the tour guide post at social media this week (22-26 Feb 2021)?

Hong Kong skyline, Jardine House, Sweet rice ball, milk tea

Collection of Frank’s social media posts (22 to 26 Feb 2021) This post is the collection of Frank the tour guide’s posts at social media from 22 to 26 Feb 2021.   Readers can follow Frank the tour guide’s social media.     Frank is eager to share more about his country China, city Hong…

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Frank recollects busy Chinese New Year through clients’ good reviews

Frank the tour guide and clients during Chinese New Year at Hung Hom

Good reviews help Frank to recollect the busy Lunar New Year  Chinese New Year holidays were the busy moment for Frank the tour guide in the past. Frank left home early to serve clients on the Lunar New Year Day.   Frank once helped his former employer, the closed travel agent Jetway Express Ltd., to conduct…

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Good reviews praised Frank the tour guide can dodge the crowds for clients

Frank the tour guide can help clients to dodge the crowds during his private car tour service

Clients gave Frank the tour guide good reviews as Frank dodges the crowds for them during private tour service A lot of clients praised Frank the tour guide for dodging the crowds for them during the private car tour service.   This post is going to show readers the examples. Dodging the crowds is always conducive…

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Let’s learn Chinese character, 羅(Law), which is Frank the tour guide’s surname and his laws for easy private car tour

羅 (LAW) is Frank the tour guide's surname.

Bird catching background for Chinese character 羅(Law) and Frank Law’s laws for easy private car tour  Frank the tour guide’s surname is 羅 (LAW). However, the character has no relationship with “LAW”, “RULE” and “REGULATION”. Actually the character originated from the action of “bird catching”.   Frank the tour guide is going to share the interesting story…

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