Can travelers take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street?

Can travelers take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street

Sam Pan Street has attractions nearby, but no sampan boat ride Travelers cannot take sampan boat ride at Sam Pan Street in Wan Chai now.   When the street was the bank of the artificial lake in the beautiful Spring Garden in the 1940s, its owner Mr. Dent did enjoy boat ride there. Frank the…

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Jumbo Restaurant is saved under Government’s “Invigorating Island South” Project

Can Jumbo become the training restaurant and performing venue

Hong Kong SAR Government saves the closed Jumbo Floating Restaurant Hong Kong Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam announced the good news for Hong Kong tourism in her fourth Policy Address on 25 November 2020.   The closed Jumbo Floating Restaurant will be revived under the “Invigorating Island South” Project. The revitalization project is made possible…

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A belated video and new changes for the Aberdeen Fishing Village

Ap Lei Chau and the trawlers at Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter

Aberdeen Fishing Village’s belated video and new changes  This video does not show you Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Fishing Village now. It is a belated video, which shows you the trawlers, sampans and Jumbo Ferries at Aberdeen Harbor, one year ago. Due to the 2019 riots and 2020 pandemic, the three types of boats have different…

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Big fire accident broke out in Jumbo Floating Restaurant on 30 October 1971

On 30 October 1971, a big fire accident happened on Jumbo Floating Restaurant   Jumbo Floating Restaurant at Aberdeen Hong Kong was destroyed by a big fire accident on 30 October 1971.   Although the video is in Chinese, you can see how serious the situation was… Luckily Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho built a new…

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Hong Kong Island private tour – a showcase for Hong Kong’s big contrasts

Big contrasts in Hong Kong

A showcase for Hong Kong’s big contrasts – Hong Kong Island private tour Hong Kong Island half day private car tour is the showcase for Hong Kong’s big contrasts. The juxtapositions relate to Hong Kong’s development and citizens’ daily life. Big contrast at Victoria Peak between the cityscape and natural landscape About 85% of Hong…

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